5 Reasons why the Playmobil Pirate Ship is the Perfect Buy

Parents looking for that perfect Christmas present or a great birthday gift will find it in the Playmobil Pirate Ship. Consisting of 84 small pieces this toy will prove a fun challenge for children and parents alike to tackle. Suitable for those 4+, children will enjoy endless hours of adventure playing with this fun filled pirate ship. Here are five reasons that make the Playmobil Pirate Ship the perfect buy.

Playmobil Pirate Ship

The Playmobil Pirate ship will provide countless hours of fun.

Tears children away from the TV

When children arrive home from school, sitting them in front of the TV so that parents can get on with the rest of the chores is incredibly tempting. Parents simply don’t have the time to entertain children continuously, meaning letting them watch cartoons often seems like the easiest option. However, this Playmobil Pirate Ship will provide a superb alternative, allowing children to be creative and develop skills in replacement of watching TV. Parents will be able to get on with the chores, without the noise of television distracting them.

Provides great quality time with the kids

When parents are looking to spend that important bit of quality time with the children, this pirate ship will provide the opportunity to do so. Parents can build the ship together with the kids, allowing them to communicate and work together as a team. An ideal way to spend time together as a family, this toy may be for the children but it is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Allows children to play together

A great way to get siblings playing together, this ship will enable children to learn the importance of sharing and allow them to develop those all-important relationships. Parents will find that this is a perfect way of entertaining the kids when they have school friends visiting. The ship is sure to keep kids occupied for hours on end, enabling parents to get on with their work without interruptions. 

Fun for younger and older children alike

No matter what gender or age, both young and older children alike are sure to adore this exciting pirate ship. Whether it’s creating make-believe games or masterfully putting the ship together, children will love every second of playing with this gift. A timeless present, children will enjoy playing with this Playmobil ship throughout their entire childhood, providing them with countless memories and continuous fun.


Playmobil Pirate ship toys will allow parents to spend some quality time with the kids.

Develops problem solving skills

Providing children with various tasks, from building the base of the ship to attaching the sail, this toy will allow children to develop and build on skills. From matching colours to finding out what goes where, the task of creating this ship will provide kids with vital skills as well as years of fun.


A great gift for children, this Playmobil Pirate Ship truly is an amazing buy. From teaching children crucial skills to allowing the family to spend some quality time together, this ship is undoubtedly a well-worth purchase. Fun for all the family, this Playmobil Pirate ship will make for lots of smiles and countless laughs.


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