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Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels Around The World

most expensive hotels

What would you call a perfect holiday? The companion? The journey? The weather? I would say all of them. Yet there is something that matters the most, and that is where we put up. The hotel. We students unfortunately have a tight budget while we are travelling and have to think twice before selecting a hotel. Sad! But what gives me immense pleasure is the fact that I got to write this article. Most expensive hotels. That spells class and elegance from every possible angle. Most of us have visited some high profile five star hotels at some point in our lives. But getting to stay or even visit the following hotels, which stand out from the rest, because they are, well, the most expensive hotels in the world, is a lifetime experience in itself. This overwhelming list left me mesmerized at the extent to which celebrity couples and other high profile individuals can go to ensure a luxurious stay away from home. Cool it is. So let’s go ahead and explore the finer details of the top 5 most expensive hotels, while getting into the day dreaming mode.

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Top 5 Bedroom Designs and Designs for Other Rooms

After a hard day’s work, your bedroom is the place where you would want to seek comfort and rest. It is the place where you would spend time with your loved ones and shed all the tiredness, connect with them and share the day’s experiences with them. Even if your bedroom space is small, you can make it look beautiful and spacious by decorating it in the right manner. Designing a bedroom involves everything from deciding the color of the paint to the furniture, its arrangement and the accessories to be decorated in the room. So here are top 5 bedroom designs which can give your favorite place a makeover!

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Top 5 Bedroom Designs

If a man’s home is his castle, his bedroom should be his retreat. Your bedroom is the place where you can take time to recharge, relax, and rest of course. That is why is so important to give it a spin every once in a while and transform it into your favorite space in your house. Choosing a specific design style for your room gives you the chance to improve your resting hours and be more productive during the day. Here we will show you top 5 bedroom designs for you to choose and start a new home project.

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