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Top 5 Brain Foods


Healthy eating is one of the most important elements in our daily life with a significant impact on our efficiency and productivity. The old quote “You are what you eat” turns out to be true, because some chemicals in the food we eat go right to our brain cells and directly affects our brain activity. Some new researches say that with proper nutrition at the workplace we can increase our productivity by 20%. Medical explanation for this fact is the following: after a hearty lunch, the blood gets down from the brain and concetrate in the stomach, in order to help quicker digestion. During this time the brain has reduced oxygen supply and is not functioning properly and we are starting to feel tired. There are many types of foods (so-called brain food) that you can eat at your workplace, and that will have a positive influence on your brain activity. Discover which are the Top 5 healthy foods to feed your brain!

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