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Top 5 TV Shows Of 2012

tv shows 2012

The golden age of television is upon us. It all started with “The Sopranos,” an HBO series that began airing in 1999 and which essentially rewrote the rules about what is expected from the hour-long television drama. Since then over a dozen innovative, audacious dramas have emerged that, like “The Sopranos,” have pushed the boundaries of storytelling on the small screen. These shows combine high and low culture, develop complex story lines, and even deal with complicated moral conundrums. Below we take a glance at the five best of these tv shows in 2012. All five air on cable networks including premium channels like HBO and Showtime, and you can get these cable deals at

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Top 5 Most Expensive Hobbies

Almost everyone has a hobby, that regular activity or interest that brings us a lot of pleasure and happiness. From collecting stamps or rocks, to flying airplanes, the hobbyist are always looking for something that keeps them distracted from work and big problems. Generally, rich people tends to have hobbies that requires a lot of money. In this article we show you the Top 5 most Expensive Hobbies In the World.

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