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Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels Around The World

most expensive hotels

What would you call a perfect holiday? The companion? The journey? The weather? I would say all of them. Yet there is something that matters the most, and that is where we put up. The hotel. We students unfortunately have a tight budget while we are travelling and have to think twice before selecting a hotel. Sad! But what gives me immense pleasure is the fact that I got to write this article. Most expensive hotels. That spells class and elegance from every possible angle. Most of us have visited some high profile five star hotels at some point in our lives. But getting to stay or even visit the following hotels, which stand out from the rest, because they are, well, the most expensive hotels in the world, is a lifetime experience in itself. This overwhelming list left me mesmerized at the extent to which celebrity couples and other high profile individuals can go to ensure a luxurious stay away from home. Cool it is. So let’s go ahead and explore the finer details of the top 5 most expensive hotels, while getting into the day dreaming mode.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Cakes Ever

most expensive cakes

Cakes. They have been and will always be a delight and can brighten up even the dullest moments of an individual. Cakes altogether belong to a different variety of desserts. One cannot imagine how many varieties of cakes and pastries are there in the world. Any dish can just not be complete without a cake, pastry or even a mousse for that matter at the end. The ones with a sweet tooth can go to any extent and will never hesitate before fishing out some extra cash out of their pockets if the prices of their favorite cake increase. We all know how wide the price range of cakes can be, depending on their size, texture, the brand which produces them, the availability of stock and what not? And we cannot deny it that the more highly priced a cake is, the more we want it. But while writing this article, the exorbitant prices took me by shock. Here are the world’s most expensive cakes that can make any cake lover drool.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Beers In The World

most expensive beers

Imagine this. A hot, sultry summer evening with temperature soaring high for what seems like years. But you need to hang out with your friends, or say, have a night out. Best way to beat the heat? A bottle of chilled beer, or may be bottles of chilled beer. Can it get better than this? No way! There absolutely can be no substitute to good old beer, no matter how loyal we stay to other varieties of alcohol. I myself was introduced to beer quite late, because I have always been a big fan of Vodka. But ever since beer invaded my life, I have turned so loyal that even a small party remains incomplete without a bottle of Budweiser or Tuborg. Even when in pubs, we do not really mind paying those few extra bucks along with taxes that a bottle of beer comes with. But when you are seeing the most expensive beers, you have to think twice before getting ourselves a beer the next time. And for beer lovers, this list is no less than a dream when one pledges to be able to taste each one of them someday. Funny, isn’t it? But that is how it is. Here, let’s have a look.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Hobbies

Almost everyone has a hobby, that regular activity or interest that brings us a lot of pleasure and happiness. From collecting stamps or rocks, to flying airplanes, the hobbyist are always looking for something that keeps them distracted from work and big problems. Generally, rich people tends to have hobbies that requires a lot of money. In this article we show you the Top 5 most Expensive Hobbies In the World.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Films Ever Made

expensive films

Have you ever wondered, what are the most expensive films ever made? Every day Hollywood invest millions of dollars in new high profitable movies. They not always reveals the real costs of the production for most of the movies, but it’s possible to find good estimations and high quality unofficial data that can make us an idea. Also, in the last years the 3D movies were increasing the production budgets. Read which are the Top 5 Most Expensive Films Ever Made.

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