Top 5 Amazing Facts About Dreams

I am sure that almost every one of us happened to dream clearly, but when we woke up we don’t remember almost anything. And why some of us have nightmares, while others spend their nights dreaming beautiful things? These are one of the many mysteries of dreams, and scientists found out some of the most incredible facts about dreams. They believe that despite humans, certain birds and the majority of mammals also have the ability to dream. Dreams are actually successions of emotions, images and ideas that occur in our mind during sleeping. They occur in the rapid-eye movement stage of sleep when our brain cells are very much awake. Dreams can last for a few seconds or twenty minutes. Here are the Top 5 most amazing facts about dreams!

Fact about dreams


Facts About Dreaming

Blind people also dream

People who have lost eyesight after birth can see images in their dreams, while people who are born blind can not see any images but their dreams are very vivid and full of different sounds, smells, sensations and emotions. This is hard for a person with normal vision to imagine, but the psychological need for sleep is very strong and can overcome every obstacle to make it happen.

We forget 90% of our dreams

Five minutes after awakening we forget half of our dream, and within ten minutes after awakening 90% of our dreams will be completely lost. We forget most of our dreams because we don’t give enough importance to them once we wake up. Also, we often want to suppress our dreams because we do not want to remember certain dreams. Robert Louis Stevenson came up with the story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” after one dream, and Mary Shelley was also inspired by a dream to write “Frankenstein”.

Not everyone dreams in color

Most of us dream in color, but recent studies suggest that some people dream in black and white. Experts have stated that people who are more aware of color during their lives can remember more colors from their dreams. In dreams we often repeat common themes such as stories from schools, falls from heights, sexual experiences, chases etc. However it’s still unidentified whether violent dreams are more emotional for those people who dream in color, or for those who dream in black and white.

Facts about dreaming

Our body is paralyzed during sleep

It may sound incredible, but our body is virtually paralyzed during sleeping. This happens most likely to protect our body from dangerous reactions during sleep. Glands secrete a hormone that induce sleep, neurons send signals to the spinal cord which cause the body to relax completely and then becomes paralyzed.

Dreams include coded meanings

When you dream about something, very often the dream does not refers to it but something quite different. Dreams have coded meanings and they speak to us with symbolic language. Our subconscious is trying to compare our dream with something familiar and give us a sign. So, it’s very probable that your latest dream symbolizes something very different from what you see.

Interesting Facts about our Dreams!


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