Top 5 Amazing Homes Around The World


Top 5 Amazing and Unique Homes Around The World – Have you ever dream of living in a tree house or living by the sea?

The most important thing is that the Homes types and styles vary greatly according to region, climate, culture and tradition.

Here’s the list of top 5 amazing homes around the world:

5. Mountain Houses

Mountain homes are some of the scariest places you could possibly think to live. Some have survived for centuries while others are on the brink of destruction.

4. Beautiful Lighthouses

As a building type light homes have become virtually extinct. Most of those that still exist have been converted to other functions such as cozy little hotels or even conventional homes.

3. Doghouses

These dog houses range from inexpensive, humorous and endearing to costly, glamorous and downright disturbing.

2. Cramped Houses

Some of us can’t even afford a condo per say but don’t dismay – there is certainly a strange and small house somewhere with which you can make your mark. Whether you want to live on a bus, in the skinniest house in the world, a tiny cabin on wheels or an airlifted box is a question only you can answer.

1.  Beach and Lake Houses

What could be more relaxing and peaceful than an extended stay at a house on the water? What about a stay in one of these architecturally amazing beach and lake homes that defy conventions, buck traditions and in one case represents the realization of an amazing designer’s lifelong engineering aspirations.

Top 5 Amazing and Unique Homes Around The World

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