Top 5 Bedroom Designs and Designs for Other Rooms

After a hard day’s work, your bedroom is the place where you would want to seek comfort and rest. It is the place where you would spend time with your loved ones and shed all the tiredness, connect with them and share the day’s experiences with them. Even if your bedroom space is small, you can make it look beautiful and spacious by decorating it in the right manner. Designing a bedroom involves everything from deciding the color of the paint to the furniture, its arrangement and the accessories to be decorated in the room. So here are top 5 bedroom designs which can give your favorite place a makeover!

Bedroom Designs

5. Eclectic


There are people who like everything bright and vibrant around them. This type of bedroom pattern is best suited for them. It is an uncommon design and uses starkly different shades of colors and textures to give an eclectic overall effect. While you could use bright pink and magenta colors on the sofa and dressing tables to bring out the feminine side in you, the same can be toned down by using interesting shades of blue and green on the walls. Another interesting aspect would be the addition of velvet furnishings and linen curtains to clothe the space.

4. Romantic


The place where you would spend some romantic moments with your partner/ spouse should have a romantic ambience, which would be best created by having a bedroom design that is based on the theme of romance and love. Romantic theme doesn’t mean you shower your room with too much of red as it will spoil the essence of romance from your room. Instead, choose soft hues like light purple or pink, coupled with white or cream furnishings, would be ideal for setting the mood between you and your partner. Don’t forget to hang a nice chandelier to enhance the look of the room.

3. Modern


For those who want to keep up with the time they live in, modern bedroom designs are the best solution for renovating or decorating your house. One of the major characteristics of modern style of bedroom furnishings is keeping things minimal. “Less is more” is the basic theme of modern. People who love modern designs of bedrooms and other rooms are known to have a preference for neutral hues to give the room a subtle look. Also, the furniture and other fixtures in the room are more sophisticated and classy.

2. Cottage

cottage 2

It is warm, it is cozy, it is small, and it is just right for you to spend quality time with your loved ones! A hint of cottage decoration in your bedroom or guest room and your house is ready to be the favorite destination of your friends. Make sure that the floor, walls and ceiling are all made of good quality wood and the colors you use for painting the room are earthen ones (such as soothing shades of green and brown, or light shades like beige and off-white). As regards furniture, it would be great if the color of the same would contrast with the paint used for the room.

1. Traditional


Nothing better than a traditional bedroom design for your favorite part of the home! Traditional is classic, it stays forever, no matter what new designs horde the market. Classy furniture, ornate decorations and majestic designs are what would best describe traditional bedroom designs and patterns. Durable oak furniture and matching curtains would suit this style well. Also, antique objects and furnishings would be appropriate for those with a classy taste. 

There is no good or bad theme for your bedroom, as it all depends on your personal tastes and choices. These top 5 bedroom designs are just indicative of the popular styles you can use for your room.

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