Top 5 Bedroom Designs

If a man’s home is his castle, his bedroom should be his retreat. Your bedroom is the place where you can take time to recharge, relax, and rest of course. That is why is so important to give it a spin every once in a while and transform it into your favorite space in your house. Choosing a specific design style for your room gives you the chance to improve your resting hours and be more productive during the day. Here we will show you top 5 bedroom designs for you to choose and start a new home project.

Top 5 Best Bedroom Designs

5. Baroque design

Baroque design originates from baroque styles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This style, begun in late 16th century in Italy. This style means that something is elaborate with many details. It was characterized by new explorations of form, light and shadow and dramatic intensity. Rooms full of antiques can takes us back in time. In order to create the ambient in your room you have to load the mantle with bold details, such as golden figurines and portraits in order to provide some visual design inspiration. Busy patterns and deep color schemes will provide the baroque sensation you are looking for. Whenever you are working with this kind of design, keep in mind that organization is also a key to a beautiful bedroom.

4. Eclectic design

This is one of the most popular bedroom design ideas. It combines several styles to create a bright and motivating room. In order to achieve this style you may incorporate vintage furniture, but also use modern art to create contrast. With a little paint, the right linens and a bit of rustic charm, your bedroom can take you off to a dreamy getaway. To successfully achieve this style, exercise symmetry. For instance, throw pillows evenly, place a matching bedside table, lamp and chair on each side of the bed. This is the most popular style because it is fun, universal, varied, and easy to achieve.

3. Tropical design

The main idea behind this style is to create a little bit of paradise in your house. Tropically themed bedrooms are built with a very unique color pallet and reproduce the rainforest vibe. Choose prints that communicate the life and fun of the tropical forest. Use green, yellow and red colors, always balancing them out in order to make them look as a whole. Use light furniture and always include tropical trimmings. This bedroom design is a very nice way to bring warmth to your home.

2. French style bedroom

A French-style is quite romantic. In order to achieve it you do not have to spend that much money, you just have to be creative and add some key elements that represent the French style. Use antique picture frames, textured pillows printed with pastoral or figural scenes. Trim the windows and doors with distressed wood. Hang a golden candlestick chandelier above the bed. Also, place plenty of floral artwork and linens. French design typically includes natural pastels colors, such as garden-fresh pinks and greens.

1. Minimal Design

The main rule you need to follow in order to get a minimal bedroom design is to keep it simple. You do not have to fill your bedroom with decorative objects to give it character. This style requires stripping away as many pieces of furniture and trimmings as possible. This design is based on clean, geometric lines. Even the furniture is constructed in regular shapes such as cube, sphere and rectangular. The style brings peace. The idea of the minimalist bedroom design is to let people be the center of attention instead of their surroundings.

After these tips we expect you be able to renew your bedroom design and some of these fabulous transformations take place at your house and transform it in a gorgeous room filled with personality, style, and comfort.

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