Top 5 Best Gadgets for 2013

Year after year new gadgets and technology change our lives. In 2007 the iPhone changed the smartphone’s world. Some time later the gaming industry made some great improvements and now in 2013 we’re expecting the best virtual reality gadget we ever saw. Some people even say it’ll change the gaming world forever. We present you the best and most expected 5 gadgets for 2013.

Top 5 Most Expected Gadgets for 2013

5. Oculus Rift

oculus rift

The Oculus is an upcoming high field of view, virtual reality head-mounted display that is going to change the gaming world. The virtual reality is something that has been widely used in Hollywood sci-fi movies and every gamer has dreamed about this gadget since they saw it on tv. Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, believes his company finally broke the usability and cost barrier for virtual-reality headsets. When the Oculus Rift project landed on Kickstarter, it only took a few hours for the project to shatter its original $250,000 goal. If you check their Kickstarter page no, you’ll see they already reached almost $2.5 millions. The few people that already tried it, they said it’s and amazing gaming gadget. You feel like you’re actually inside the game. It’s an awesome gadget and it’ll change the gaming industry forever.

4. Hiriko Car

hiriko car

Sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Hiriko Car is a new folding two-seat urban electric car that promotes a more comprehensive relationship between citizens and vehicles, especially in the world’s most chaotic cities where traffic, overpopulation and pollution are major problems. Its release date is planned for the first half of 2013, although its distribution is planned for the United States and some European countries. Pricing starts at $16,400 plus battery leasing fees.

3. Apple TV

apple tv

It’s a fact: Apple’s entering into the TV market. The company will introduce the new Apple TV in November 2013. The features and apps that made popular the iPhone and iPad could be headed to a big-screen TV set spanning between 42 and 55 inches.

In a note, republished on the Apple Insider blog, Munster said that the 47-inch set will cost $1,500 and the 55-inch model $2,000. A key selling point for the Apple TV will be its ability to connect with a variety of other devices, including iPads and iPhones. The TV will feature FaceTime video chatting and Apple’s Siri voice assistant. Munster also expects it to come with unbundled channel options.

2. Xbox 720

xbox 720

The Xbox 360’s successor will be available in the summer of 2013. The latest rumours say that the console will include Blu-ray support, the ability to record from live TV, 3D gaming and a renewed Kinect device that will supposedly work with augmented reality glasses. It’s thought that the Xbox 720 will be powered by 8GB RAM and a quad-core processor, making it vastly more powerful than the current generation of consoles.

1. Google Project Glass

google project glass

Since almost a year now, Google, most precisely the Google X Lab, started to work on a new technology project called the Project Glass. This new gadget will be better than tables, computers and smart-phones. The new glasses will be online all the time and can display weather reports, emails, new messages from friends, videos and more, all of this through one of the glasses’ lenses. The price for the most expected gadget for 2013 will be around $1,500.

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