Top 5 Best Japanese Chefs and their Signature Dishes

Japanese chefs have been acclaimed on an international basis due to their unique culinary abilities and signature dishes. Their signature dishes depict their unique culture and offer a taste and aroma that is quite different and distinct. Here is a list of top five Japanese Chefs and their Signature dishes.

Japanese Chefs

Best Japanese Chefs

Nobuo Takemasa San

Chef Nobuo Takemasa San has been acclaimed on a global basis due to his famous career stretch at Hotel Okura located in Tokyo whereby he laid the structure of the hotel and spearheaded it for years. The signature dish of the chef is called “Okura and Thai No arani” whereby the head of the fish is steamed and seasoned in a unique manner.

Yoshihiro Murata

Yohihiro Murata is a widely acclaimed Japanese chef with seven starts being attributed to his name in recent times. The proud owner of three restaurants, the chef is known for his unique preparation style and his passion for food.” Kyo-kaiseki” can easily be stated as the signature dish of this chef whereby ingredients are both local and seasonal. The recipe calls for special Kyoto vegetable and the method of preparation is simple yet mixed with a purity and depth that makes the dish simply stand out.

Elizabeth Andoh

An expert in Washoku, the chef is reputed to be one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Japanese dishes and culture. She is famous for her cooking classes and recipe books that provide insight into the rich heritage of Japanese food and reveal delicious recipes. Her signature dish is “tamagoyaki” which initially requires the preparation of “dashi” and a unique sauce named “Manganji”. Served with rice, this dish is absolutely mouth watering and proves to be a spicy yet a delightful meal to eat.

Sachiyo Imai

The chef is considered to be an expert when it comes to abanzi cooking. Much of her adult life has been spend in cooking abanzi food. Her signature dish is easily “Okara” that is made through a simple and easy recipe. Okara can be described as the leftover pulp that is formed after making tofu and soya milk. It is also known as the honorable husk in local terms. It does not include mushrooms but rather involves shiitake that gives it a strong aroma and unique flavor.

Kunio Tokuoka

Kunio Tokuoka is the proud owner of Kitcho which is a famous restaurant known for its perfection, elegant interior and delicious food. Known for the vast variety of dishes that he makes, Tokuoka signature dish is known as “hirousu” whereby his own unique style of preparing the dish distinguishes it from the traditional kind. Hirousu tends to be fried but Tokuoka, pan fries the vegetable and also uses white fish that is not only healthier but also extremely delicious.

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