Top 5 Best Jazz Artists Ever

Jazz is one of the most respected music genres around the world. It was born in the late 19th century in United States. This new art form spread all over the planet, gaining adepts and fans thanks to the excellent work of musical geniuses who evolved as Jazz artists. Over the years, this incredible art form has been changing gradually as new musicians inspire new sounds. Now, we will show you the top 5 Jazz artists that have ever existed.

Top 5 Best Jazz Artists Of All Time

5. John Coltrane

John Coltrane, also known as Trane, was one of the “coolest” and most talented figures of the Jazz music scene. He was a very talented saxophonist and composer; he was one of the first jazzmen introducing the use of modes in jazz. He worked along with Miles Davis, helping to redefine be-bop and the introduction of modal harmony. He delivered around 50 albums during his career. Although John died at the early age of 40, he is still remembered as one of the most virtuous Jazzmen of all times.

4. Charlie Parker

He was born in Kansas City, United States in 1920. Parker, also known as “The Bird” was a pioneering saxophone player, bebop musician and composer. This great jazz figure and his fast paced playing, clear tone and improvisational skills were a great influence to other musicians at the time. His innovation in song writing and the use of complex chord progressions changed the standards for composition. Parker contributed the idea that jazz musicians were artists and intellectuals.

3. Billie Holiday

The lovely Billie Holiday, a.k.a. “Lady Day” was one of the most exceptional jazz artists of the 20th century. Although she actually wrote a few songs when she sang, she had this deep, personal and intimate approach that drove people crazy about her. That is how she developed a new style, incorporating the manipulation of phrasing and tempo. Her recording of the song “Strange Fruit” is considered one of the most important songs in history due to its topic and because of Billie’s powerful performance. She was one of the main contributors to jazz and pop singing.

2. Miles Davis

He was one of the central figures of jazz in the 20th century. He was one of the most important band leaders in music. He also leaded the appearance of bebop, hard bop, free jazz, fusion, funk and techno music. Miles didn’t believe on rehearsing for recording session. He just showed up with some melodies and chords and proceeded to record each song in one take. He wanted everything to be spontaneous, which is a cornerstone of jazz. He received several awards during his lifetime, including eight Grammys. Miles Davis was one of the best, most influential and popular Jazz artist of the 20th Century.

1. Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born in August 4, 1901. Also known as “Satchmo” or “Pops” was a jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. There is no arguing about him being one of the greatest musicians of all times having a major role in the creation of modern jazz. He was an outstanding trumpeter and even a grater singer. His singing influenced people like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. His influence on music as a whole is almost immeasurable; he will always be remembered as the most influential jazz artist in the history of music.

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