Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines Around The World

When it comes to long distance air travel, the classy class prefers the business class. Now there is no myth in that. The business class, as we all know, offers unparalleled luxury and facilities and all the basic necessities that an individual needs. But this list about the Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines has more to offer. This one brings out all the details that one needs to know and is glamorous enough to take readers by surprise, how an air ride can be utterly luxurious. Of course, one has to fish out a whopping amount of cash from his pocket, but with such luxury and elegance offered thousand miles above land, one won’t mind doing that. Would he? So what are the factors that these airlines offer to its guests that they have made into every possible list of ‘most luxurious airlines’? Let us go a little deeper into the topic and explore out the reasons and the features each of the following airlines offers.

Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines To Fly With

5. Thai Airways International

thai international airlines

At number five we have the Thai Airways. So because it is at the bottom of the list, does not mean you will underestimate this world class airline. The average fair from Bangkok to London is $3,000. It offers one of the most expensive champagne in the world, Dom Perignon, La Grande Dam and also duty free shopping. Not only on air, the Thai Airways take care of its guests on the ground too and pampers you with a private limo service. The Thai Airways International was founded in 1960 and has been treating its guests for over forty years with a high percentage of profit. Based in Bangkok, the Thai Airlines is one of the best airlines in Asia. This airline flies to about seventy five destinations in thirty countries, with more than 80 aircrafts. The Royal First Class seats are equipped with lumbar massage and 15 inch AVOD touch screens. The passengers can order from 22 available meals. The seats are enclosed in a suite that offers all the privacy one can ask for. So now, will you still underestimate the power of the Thai airlines? No, I guess.

4. Virgin Atlantic Airlines

virgin atlantic airlines

Next on the list is the Virgin Atlantic Airlines, based in the UK. A flight from New York to London will cost around $5,000. This airline is owned by the Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines, which is another most luxurious airline in the world. Virgin Atlantic owns 25 Airbus A340 aero planes and 12 Boeing 747 planes. Need we say more? The fact that Sir Richard Branson is at the helm of the company will make people trust in the airline they are investing their hard earned money in. Inside the flight, the seats convert to surprisingly spacious and roomy beds. With fleet wide in flight internet, mood-lit cabins, customized leather seats, power outlets, and a video touch screen at the back of every seat, the flying experience with Virgin Atlantic Airways is definitely an unforgettable one.

3. British Airlines

british airlines

For travelling from New York to London, a British Airways flight would cost around $6,600. With Rolls Royce aircraft engines, British Airways stands out with its flat beds which extend to six feet, comfortable enough for a full grown man to lie down and have a peaceful sleep. The luxurious first class cabins are a multitasker, functioning as workplaces, dens and even places to stretch and sleep. Passengers can dine in on their own schedule and do not have to stick to the crews’ schedule. The evening and late-night flights offer dining in elegant land lounges before the flight takes off. They offer renowned A la Carte menu and also Molton Brown Travel Spa to the passengers.

2. Japan Airlines

japan airlines

When it comes to Japan Airlines, one can very well understand the level of technological luxury it will provide to its guests. Founded in 1951, the Japan Airlines has been a leader in providing comfort to its passengers. Select flights feature their Skyscraper Solo specialty which is the airlines’ interpretation of coddling for travelers. The leather seats are manufactured by the sofa company Poltrona Frau, which is sure to look after your comfort needs. It provides adjustable headrests and side cushions, down pillows and comforters. The Airline offers both traditional Kyoto cuisine as well as Western cuisine. A flight from Tokyo to New York will cost $7,000.

1. Swiss International Airlines

swiss international airlines

So, we have the Swiss International Airlines at the end of the list, which is sure to take us by surprise and make us wonder at the world class luxury they offer. With a flight from New York to Zurich costing $5,000, they make sure passengers are provided with utmost comfort. Passengers are treated to fine Swiss chocolates, duty free onboard shopping, La Prairie toilets, lots of dining options to choose from and many more. All the luxury one can ask for is right there at the Swiss Airlines. It is particularly a heaven for gizmo freaks. The video monitor can display flight information such as air speed, distance flown and the remaining distance to be covered. There are two on board cameras as well which let passengers watch the world in front of the aircraft as well as below it.

So, with the end of the list, we are nothing but amazed at the Top Five Best Luxury Airlines.

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