Top 5 BlackBerry 10 Mobile Apps for Business People

BlackBerry 10 is a QNX based operating system for mobile devices created by BlackBerry Ltd for its BlackBerry series of handheld devices like Smart Phones and tablets. Its features include an exclusive flow interface that is as wide as the display place, a new keyboard which displays intelligence, and a camera application that allows users to optimize the quality of the picture by altering photographs. Additionally, the BlackBerry 10 operating system comprises the ‘Hub’ (a list of e-mails, text messages and social media networking sites) which is accessible from any place in the operating system.

The Blackberry 10 has numerous built-in applications like Web browser, Documents to Go, BlackBerry Remember (a sticky notes application), Story Maker (music and video suturing application), BlackBerry Messenger, file manager, maps, clock, calculator, media, music and weather. It also has pre-installed cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox. While applications are appreciated by every person, in the business world the value of an application is measured in terms of the availability of information on-the-go, efficiency and of course the potential to reduce expenditure.

While BlackBerry 10 has many applications that will help to enhance the productivity of one’s business and allow people to execute their tasks professionally and effectively irrespective of where they are located, the top 5 BlackBerry 10 mobile apps for your business are as follows.

Top 5 BlackBerry 10 Business Apps

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5. BlackBerry Remember

This application is incorporated into BlackBerry 10 Smart Phones by default. It lets employees handle their assignments and agenda smoothly by simplifying capturing and organizing of ideas and contents and prioritizing chores thus facilitating the realization of one’s aims. BlackBerry Remember makes it possible to gather and assemble e-mails, text messages, Evernote files, internet links, lists, voice notes and photographs into various folders and then coordinate jobs using Microsoft Outlook’s calendar.

4. Documents to Go

This application allows one to effortlessly generate, alter, view, share and present Excel, PowerPoint and Word files and look at PDF files from anyplace and at anytime. Since it does not alter the document’s original formatting, reviewing and editing on-the-go becomes much easier. It is a default application on all BlackBerry Smart Phones.

3. Password Keeper

Numerous accounts means an equal number of passwords and remembering all of them can be tough task. So one would like to store them in a safe place. BlackBerry’s Password Keeper provides a safe and secure centralized place. It also has a password generator which can create safe passwords for one’s accounts.

2. SalesNOW CRM

This application lets the user manage all sales information by providing complete access to important service and client data, whenever and wherever one needs it. BlackBerry 10’s core features like contacts, phone, maps and e-mail are automatically coordinated with the SalesNOW CRM server which allows the user to avail of the most up-to-date data of one’s accounts and update them on-the-go and also to connect with clients.

1. Connect to Dropbox

This application allows the user to store, synchronize and view the information stored in the user’s Dropbox account from anywhere and this information can be also shared with the other people like customers, employees and contacts irrespective of where the user is. It is pre-installed on the entire BlackBerry 10 series and is completely incorporated with Documents to Go and File Manager which helps to easily organize the users files. Dropbox files can also be pinned to one’s BlackBerry 10 Smart Phone to make them available always, including offline.

While smart phones have become an extension of one’s office as they help to keep the user connected even when the user is not in the office BlackBerry 10’s business applications have taken the capacity and standard of business applications for smart phones to a new pinnacle as it has all the softwares that a business owner requires to facilitate the progress of her/his business.


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