Top 5 Cool iPad And iPhone Magazines

iPad And iPhone Magazines – If you want to know more about technology, latest ipad and iphone trends, learn some tricks and tips about web design and ipad and iphone applications, then you need to stay in touch with everything that’s new.

Finding all that informations can be very hard especially when it comes to buying books or magazines. We can solve that problem becouse we made a cool list of 5 iPad And iPhone Magazines dedicated to all you iPad And iPhone lovers.

5. iGIZMO Magazine

Every month iGIZMO brings you the very latest products, movies and games reviews, as well as the hottest news and features, in an innovative digital magazine direct to your iPad.

Published on the Apple iPad and online, the magazine is truly interactive and engaging.

4. Website Magazine Digital

The Website Magazine offers timely, high-quality news, resources and strategies for website owners, webmasters, and Internet professionals.

Stay in touch with latest business trends and discover essential techniques for achieving Website success.

3. Smartphone Essentials Magazine

Smartphone Essentials Magazine – dedicated to guiding you … all the leading smartphone platforms including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

2. 2D Artist Magazine

2D Artist magazine is the ultimate CG resource for artists around the globe, whether you already work in 2D or you’re just starting out. Each issue of 2D Artist magazine is full of advice from 2D professionals, including tutorials and project overviews to showcase the latest techniques and tricks being used within the industry.

1. LAPTOP Magazine

LAPTOP Magazine is The Pulse of Mobile Tech giving you  the information and analysis that enable its readers to thrive in a wireless world –  product reviews, helpful how-to advice and latest trends of mobile technology. Each issue includes interactive galleries, videos, easy search, and more.

Cool iPad And iPhone Magazines

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