Top 5 Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

When you’re looking to change your cover timeline image for Facebook you have a number of choices, this article will look at the top five ways in which to change your cover photo for Facebook.

Top 5 Best Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

1. Use Your Own Photo

These days almost everyone has access to a fantastic camera – indeed; almost every mobile phone has a decent lenses on them. When you’re out and about on a day trip, or a night out consider taking a photo with the specific purpose of using it as your Facebook Cover.

There are a number of great apps available to Android and iPhone users that overlay filters over the camera application to create rather amazing effects. You’ve probably heard about the most famous filter application out there “Instagram” however; if you want to be different there are some great alternatives such as “Paper Camera”.

2. Download an Image

One of the biggest things that the internet has done for us over the last decade is to make us rely on others for a solution to a given problem before trying to work it out ourselves.

A number of website entrepreneurs have spring up to offer a plethora of different Facebook covers from their websites. These are in essence covers made up by a designer or existing images manipulated specifically with Facebook covers in mind. If you Google “Facebook Covers” with something you have in mind, you’ll likely turn up something that meets your needs e.g. “golf Facebook cover”.

3. Use a Facebook Cover Maker App

An increasingly popular way in which to generate a Facebook cover is to use an application that provides a halfway house between creating your own Facebook cover and using one from the internet, an application called ‘Make a Cover’ facilitates this. The Facebook cover maker lets you choose a personality which to customize that you then use to build your own Facebook cover. If you’re looking for a timeline cover that is a little bit outside the box and a bit different then this may be for you.

4. Create a Facebook Cover

So far we’ve looked at methods of creating timeline covers that’ll take you just a few minutes from you’re your day. Whilst somewhat creatively, ironically probably less time than you spend passively looking at Facebook feeds during a given day.

There is of course a far more ‘hard-core’ approach to making Facebook covers, that approach is to make your own Facebook cover by scratch.

Once you’ve identified the size of the Facebook cover image, the next step is to open up a design tool such as Adobe Photoshop and put together a creative. If you want to cheat – there is a website called “Graphic River” that has pre-made Facebook covers for you to easily modify, it’ll take longer than using a Facebook cover but you’ll feel like you created your own image with all the effort that you would have put in.

5. Edit Your Existing Facebook Cover

Who said that you needed to change anything? Download your existing Facebook cover and modify it.

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