Top 5 Creative Ways To Serve Ajvar

Ajvar is Macedonian Traditional homemade food, made from red bell peppers, with eggplant, chili pepper and garlic. The name AJVAR comes from “hayvar”, turkish word which means caviar. After The World War II, Ajvar become very popular in the Balkans. As we mention before Ajvar is homemade food made of roasted peppers, but some industrial producers use cooked peppers, which leads to a lower quality. The Ajvar can be sweet, piquant and very hot and can be consumed as a bread spread, salad or a side dish. The most interesting thing is that people of Macedonia usually call it “zimnica” which means winter foods, so ajvar is prepared¬† just before winter. Read on and find out how Ajvar can be served on the table.

Ajvar Classic


The most authentic and original way to enjoy the real taste of Homemade Ajvar is to spread it on somefreshly baked home-made bread and serve it with some white feta cheese.

Ajvar Board

The “meze” board is complete only when Ajvar’s flavors are included! Arrange prosciutto and other delicatessen meat, cheese, green olives and express your creativity by adding almonds, dried grapes or dried figs.

Ajvar Tuna Canapes

ajvar tuna canapes

If you need to throw a party and prepare canapes but you have no idea where to start; we have a suggestion for you. Pick up the Ajvar from the fridge, buy some tuna cans and mix them together in a bowl. See how easy it is? Only few minutes are away from leaving the impression of a great host.

Ajvar with three cheeses

ajvar with three cheeses

This is a combination of Feta cheese, yellow cheese and cow cheese. Three types of cheese put in one clay pot, mixed with mushrooms, bacon and Ajvar. Mild or Hot. You can also put some garlic clove and black pepper, to add spiciness to the meal. Perfect pre meal for cheese lovers.This combination with Ajvar and Cheese is great to combine with white wine. Enjoy!

Filled Eggs with Ajvar

filled eggs with ajvar

This recipe is recommendable for creative and nice-looking dinners and cocktails. Easy to prepare and serve, it can be used as addition to the main meal. After boiling the eggs, cut them on half, remove the yolk and put Ajvar. For bigger originality, decorate the dish with fresh vegetables such aslettuce or radish.



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