Top 5 Financial Apps on your Android for your Business

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The introduction of Android phones has seen a revolution in mobile technology. Even though Google has always been recognized as being the best search engine and is widely used, its recognition soared due to the introduction of android phones. Android phones have had a vast array of apps developed for them; ranging from games to financial apps.

Financial apps in Android mobile

Google finance

The only mobile platform with the official Google finance app is the android. It gives you the latest news about the stock exchange 24/7. It’s a free app.


It’s a magical app. When a business/visiting card is captured, all the info on the card is extracted by the card holder and saves it in their address book as business contacts. It identifies English and a few European languages. It’s a lite app, meaning it’s free.

financial apps for android

Ever note

This app organizes corporate meetings and conferences. You can scribble down your ideas and kind them safe on your phone with this app. It also helps to with efficient business progress and can connect to other apps. And best of all it’s free.


It’s a social networking site meant for business purposes. This tool provides access to the specialized web browser from your android phone all the time & everywhere. With your network, it provides you with the latest information and delivers you the most current journals.

Business calendar

It’s a free app which caters for your essential chores. It displays pictures & graphs and is similar to Google calendar. Business calendar is also available in the paid version. It has extra Features such as grind and drip mode.

android apps

At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most outstanding smart phone on the mobile market compatible with all the apps listed. Apart from the above listed apps, an android phone constitutes of nearly a 15, 000 apps which are preloaded and can be activated by downloading the app from the suitable site.

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