Top 5 Free Email Services That Suits Your Needs

There are many Email Services that provide different features to its users. You have to choose which are the best free email services for you, email service that suits your needs. If you ask me, i will recommend you more space, no spam and less ads. So, there are many free email services that will provide you with these facilities. Read on and find out the which are the best top 5 email services that can be used also as business email services, for free of course.


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Gmail is a free email service provided by Google that have simple and smart interface and allows you to collect all your messages and see them in context without effort. Gmail provides more than 10 GB of free storage per one user account and have mobile access. 


Windows Live Hotmail

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If you want an organized mail service and interface easy as a desktop email program then you should use Windows Live Hotmail. It is a free email service that gives you unlimited storage, fast search and security and also includes many helpful shortcuts and automation. With Windows Live Hotmail you can send files up to 10 GB per email. How cool is that?


Yahoo! Mail 

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Yahoo Mail is free email service provided by Yahoo and is one of the biggest competitors to Hotmail. It is free email program on the web and also available for mobile devices with unlimited storage.Yahoo! Mail integrates instant messaging, SMS text messaging, emails and social networks. The spam filter is more precise and more flexible. On mobile devices Yahoo! Mail offers iPhone and Android applications.


Mail is reliable free email service filtered well of spam and have unlimited storage and users can use it not only through a rich web interface but also via POP or IMAP from a desktop email program. also offers up to date news articles, videos and offers apps for Android and iOS.



Mailing Services

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AIM Mail

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AIM mail is AOL’s free email service that offer unlimited online storage, spam protection and easy to use interface. It is very friendly, clean and usable email service.


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