Top 5 Gadgets in Sci-Fi Films

Watching science-fiction films sends us through a gateway to imagination beyond the normal things that occupy our mind. Alien worlds, spaceships and fantastic creatures that only exist in our minds are a staple of the sci-fi genre. It also gives us some amazing gadgets that, although can’t really exist, are things we have grown up loving and really wanting. Here are the top 5:


Hoverboard (Back to the Future 2)

sci-fi gadgets

The toy every child wants. This skateboard floats above the ground and can even go over water. Although it’s not recommended unless you have power. A gadget within the realms of possibility surely?

Lightcycle (Tron: Legacy)


Possibly the coolest bike you’ll ever see. The lightcycle is fast, looks amazing and makes a wall of light behind you that means you’ll never get cut off by overtaking traffic again.

Neuraliser (Men in Black)


Erases the memories of anyone who looks into the flash. I’m sure we could all find a use for this sometimes. Late for work? Nope, not anymore. Forgot your wife’s anniversary? I think not.

Transporter (Star Trek)


Let’s you travel thousands of miles in the blink of an eye. Think of the benefits. Holidays would be much cheaper. You’d never be late for work. No more problems with drink driving! Although you may put on a little weight from lack of walking anywhere….

Lightsaber (Star Wars)


Without a doubt one of the coolest sci-fi gadgets. Everyone wants a lightsabre. Not only do they look amazing with neon colours, but they make an excellent sound and can cut through anything! Perfect for pizza and cake!

Halit Bozdogan is a writer for Appliances Online and really wants a green lightsaber.


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