Top 5 Girls Who Look Like Living Dolls

Some girls have this unhealthy obsession for dolls and they want to look exactly like them. These young girls became a real Internet sensation over the past few years, because of their YouTube tutorials and videos. While some of them naturally looks just like dolls, others have to put make up for hours or undergone to plastic surgeries to look like Barbies – which is so creepy. Take a look at these 5 unbelievable girls who look like living dolls!


Dakota Rose

living dolls

Dakota Rose is 19 year old girl, known as Kota Koti. She became real internet sensation because of her beautiful big eyes and cupid lips. This real-life Barbie is very popular in China and Japan for her beauty and fashion tutorials on YouTube.


Venus Angelic


Venus Palermo or Venus Angelic (her screen name) is a 15 year old teenager from London. She became famous and viral on internet for her bizarre beauty tutorials on YouTube.Venus lived in Japan for 2 years and fell in love with Japanese anime. She likes to make up and dress up like a living doll.


Valeria Lukyanova

living doll

Valeria Lukyanova, 21 year old girl from Russia shocks people with her look. Small nose, small waist, long arms and legs – she looks just like a Barbie in every detail. After many plastic surgeries, her dream to become a real life Barbie doll came true.


Wang Jiayun

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When her pictures were posted on internet, Wang Jiayun fast became very popular in South Korea. This 17 year old girl with her pale skin and figure looks just like a Japanese blown up doll.


Alodia Gosiengfiao

living girls dolls

She is 24 year old award wining cosplayer from Philippines, widely known for the fact that she look even more cuter and lovable than the characters she portrayed.


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