Top 5 highest paying jobs in America for 2012

It’s a real challenge to find your dream career, and the salary is the most important factor when you’re deciding about a career. Despite the fact that education can determine the salary of a worker or even employment – not all good jobs require a college degree. So take a look at find out which are the Top 5 highest paying jobs in America for 2012, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)!

High paying jobs

High paying jobs


Average annual salary: $130,490
Current employment: 570,950

This legal profession is not easy at all, and also in most countries requires seven years of school, but it’s one of the highest paid jobs in America. Lawyers make $137,170 on average in the private sector, while government lawyers make between $81,960 and $129,430. Around 29,010 lawyers only are located in the District of Columbia, or 45 lawyers per 1000 jobs. They are also the highest paid lawyers with annual salary of $161,050.

Petroleum Engineer

Average annual salary: $138,980
Current employment: 30,880

Petroleum Engineer is one of the most highly compensated jobs in America. Their job is to develop plans for gas and oil extraction, to oversee drilling operations and to provide technical advises. Petroleum engineers who are working for gas and oil extraction have annual salary of $150,890. Texas employs the most petroleum engineers (18,060) with salary of $146,770, then Oklahoma (3,090 employees) with salary of $146,770 and Louisiana (2,440) with average salary of $120,720.

Chief Executive Officers

Average annual salary: $176,550
Current employment: 267,370

CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) are on the third position on this list. They are responsible for coordinating operational activities, formulating policies and planning the direction of companies or public sector organizations. Stamford and Conneticut are the cities who pay the most for this job with salary of $234,030, then Columbus and Indiana – $230,330 and Medford and Oregon who pay $225,100.

Orthodontists and Dentists

Average annual salary: $161,750-$204,670
Current employment: 101,400

Their service is essential for us, so the job of Orthodontists and Dentists is certainly the second most highest paid job in America. The dentist in New Hampshire have an annual salary of $237,430 and in Delaware the are paid $210,440. The orthodontists have an average salary of $90,120 annually.

Doctors and Surgeons

Average annual salary: $168,650-$234,950
Current employment: 618,000+

Doctors and Surgeons are always on the top of the list with highest paid jobs. This job requires extensive education and hard training of course. Anesthesiologists are the most paid doctors with salary of $234,950,then surgeons with salary of $231,550 and oral and maxillofacial surgeons with average salary of $217,380.

highest paying jobs

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