Top 5 Hotel Alternatives

Unless you’re staying at the Ritz, you’ve probably realised that hotel stays aren’t as glamorous as you would have hoped. Budget hotels are the only ones that match your budget; and they tend to be basic and well basically uninspiring.

These days in an effort to spice up their travel accommodation, more and more people are looking for hotel alternatives. Here’s a few of the top ones many of which not only offer a chance to see the world from new surroundings, but also the opportunity to save money on what is normally a considerable chunk out of the holiday budget.

House Sitting

Look after other people’s homes whilst they’re away. If it sounds like a dream way to travel then that’s probably because it is. Site like Trusted Housesitters list people thoughout the world who have homes and pets that need looking after whilst they’re away. In return for looking after their pets and homes; perhaps with a few other chores such as watering the plants or cleaning the pool, you get to stay there for free.



No it’s not camping, so don’t worry you won’t be spending your time crouched down in a two-man wondering whether or not the toilets have been cleaned yet. Glamping stands for glamorous camping and since its introduction, it has quite growing to be a very popular hotel alternative. It has all of the appeal of a boutique hotel whilst still getting you outdoors. Typical glamping options on sites like include staying in a yurt, campervan or treehouse.


It may sound like a barking-mad idea, but for the eco-conscious (and the cost conscious) it’s a fantastic way to see the world. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and essentially this organisation connects organic farmers with travellers who are willing to put in a couple of hours work in return for their accommodation. Most accommodation is in a farmhouse, usually in quite a remote area, so not only does it provide a wonderful hotel alternative, it gives you an opportunity to stay somewhere where a hotel is unlikely to be.


Similar to woofing sites like connect people who are willing to offer accommodation with people who are willing to offer something for that accommodation in return. A large proportion of the listings are for farm work, or manual work, but since the site isn’t limited to just that, other opportunities include offering web design or other skills that you may have in return for your keep.


Another option for the budget-conscious, couchsurfing connects travellers with people who are willing to offer their couch, bed or space on the floor for the night. Although the idea does offer considerable financial savings, the website is keen to stress that the website is about making personal connections and meeting new people; not just saving money.

So if you’re planning a trip away and fancy staying in new surroundings, there’s five options that will make for an exciting break away.


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