Top 5 Hottest Video Game Girls

Since the beginning of the video games, developers and designers have been working together to create sexier female characters. Lara Croft was the first hot video game girl to became popular and since then, hundreds of new hot video games chics have been created. Some of them based on real female models. We present you a list with the top 5 sexiest video game girls ever.

Top 5 Sexiest Video Game Girls

5. Madison Paige – Heavy Rain

Madison Paige is the main character in Heavy Rain, an interactive drama action-adventure video game developed for the PlayStation 3. The player interacts with the game by performing actions highlighted on screen related to motions on the controller, and sometimes quick time events are required as well. Madison was modeled after Jacqui Ainsley, an English model born in 1981, who provided her facial and motion capture, but she was voiced by Judi Beecher.

4. Sophitia – Soul Edge

Sophitia Alexanda is the sexiest character in the Soul Series of  video games. Her first appearance was in Soul Edge, though not as sexy back then. Fleshed by a concept artist, her character was rendered as a 3-D model by a design team that worked just on her. Her designers focused on maintaining an innocent appearance for her face, which gives Sophitia a sense of feeling fresh and young. 

3. Nariko – Heavenly Sword

The red-haired warrior Nariko is the main character in Heavenly Sword, an action video game developed for PlayStation 3 and released in 2007. Nariko means “thunder” in japanese, strong but vulnerable, beautiful but tragic. Heavenly Sword has become very popular because of the hot Nariko, it contains a lot of blood and its similar to the well known God of War.

2. Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII

Tifa is a strong, attractive and independent female character in Final Fantasy VII. Is the childhood friend of Cloud Strife, the main protagonist in the game. Designed by Tetsuya Nomura and often compared with Lara Croft, its one of the most popular and sexy video game girls ever. Her most notable traits are her large breasts and long legs. According to an official artwork, Tifa’s bust-waist-hip measures are 92-60-88 cm (36-24-35 inches).

1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Every single gamer in the world knows her. Lara is the not only the most popular but also the hottest video game girl ever. She is the main protagonist in the video game series Tomb Raider. With her intelligence, bad-ass attitude and an athletic body, she ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world. There’s no doubt Lara Croft is the number one: she holds six Guinness World Records, has a strong fan following, considered a sex symbol and is among the first video game characters to be successfully adapted to film.

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