Top 5 London Theaters To Visit This Vacation

When in London to enjoy a great musical full of fun and excitement you have to pick the best theatre along with the best show. There are many fantastic places to see your favorite show; some are rather old and well-known and others are newer and a little more fresher. The West End of London is where you can find anything your heart desires whether it is drama, comedy, opera, musical, even just a great time full of fun and entertainment.

The Phantom of the Opera

the phantom of the opera

Only the best theater will work while watching a classic showing of “The Phantom of the Opera”(Winner of over fifty awards). Her Majesty’s Theatre has basically been this opera/musical’s home since 1986, but there were four theatres there since as early as 170, which then opened again in 1897 with “Pygmalion” and “Chu Chin Chow”.

The Battlesea Arts Center(BAC)

the battlesea arts center

The Battlesea Arts Center(BAC) is considered the best theatre that is off the west-end of the capitol. This is a great Lavender Hill landmark that has been the host of many various entertainment like comedy or opera for quite a long time.

Landor Pub Theatre

landor pub theatre

Landor Pub Theatre is a great place to go because the audience does not exceed sixty, giving it a very intimate setting. Even though the productions are slightly more amateurish than other London theatres, there have been some great shows like “I Love You Because” and “City of Angels.”

Kiss Me, Kate

kiss me kate

The Old Vic Theatre is definitely the best place to go to see great musicals like “Kiss Me, Kate” and dramas like “Hedda Gabler.” This has been an iconic place to go since actors like Peggy Ashcroft, Albert Finney and Peter O-Toole have graced the stage. Now Kevin Spacey directs some amazing new shows to enthrall a new generation.

Prince of Wales Theatre

prince of wales theatre

The Prince of Wales Theatre’s bright lighting and tower give it a very showy feel. It was reopened when Prince Charles requested to see “Mama Mia!” there. This theatre is known for comedic, raunchy musicals like “The Book of Mormon” that will be showing early next year and comes from the creators of “South Park”, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Complete a grand vacation by coming to this theatre after enjoying a meal at the Stockpot and before going to Blue Posts (pub) which are both very close to The Prince of Wales Theatre.

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