Top 5 Most Expensive Cakes Ever

Cakes. They have been and will always be a delight and can brighten up even the dullest moments of an individual. Cakes altogether belong to a different variety of desserts. One cannot imagine how many varieties of cakes and pastries are there in the world. Any dish can just not be complete without a cake, pastry or even a mousse for that matter at the end. The ones with a sweet tooth can go to any extent and will never hesitate before fishing out some extra cash out of their pockets if the prices of their favorite cake increase. We all know how wide the price range of cakes can be, depending on their size, texture, the brand which produces them, the availability of stock and what not? And we cannot deny it that the more highly priced a cake is, the more we want it. But while writing this article, the exorbitant prices took me by shock. Here are the world’s most expensive cakes that can make any cake lover drool.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cakes In The World

5. The Sultan’s Golden Cake

sultan's golden cake

This Sultan’s Cake was first served at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul and comes at a price of $1,000. This is surely going to be one of the finest cake eating experiences you have ever had. You have to order it 72 hours earlier, because that is how long this cake needs to be prepared. It contains black truffles, French Polynesian vanilla beans and figs, quince, apricots and pears soaked and marinated in Jamaican Rum for around two years. But wondering why it is so highly priced? Well, the main part is yet to come. The cake is covered with a 24 karat gold leaf and comes in a handcrafted silver box.

4. Wedding Cake of Prince William and Kate Middleton

wedding cake of prince william and kate middleton

The wedding cake of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the list should not come as a surprise. A crazily high profile royal wedding has to have an insanely priced wedding cake. This $80,000 wedding cake consisted of eight tiers and was covered in cream and white icing. It was decorated in approximately 900 sugar paste flowers and took more than five weeks to get ready. Two years later, a slice of the cake was auctioned and sold off for $ 1,375.

3. Platinum Cake

platinum cake

The Platinum Cake, priced at $1.65 million was baked by Nobue Ikara, a chef from Tokyo, Japan in 2007 and is the third most expensive cake.  This cake is decorated with plain, white frosting and then draped with everything in platinum, starting from the chains, necklaces, pins, pendants. Even the foils are made of edible platinum. This cake was showcased by Platinum Guild International. The prime motive behind this cake was to encourage women to wear platinum. This cake has not been sold yet and the company still has no idea whether to sell it or not. The platinum jewelries surely add an extra dose of elegance to this beautiful cake, which is mostly edible, except the platinum jewelries.

2. Diamond Fruit Cake

diamond fruit cake

Finally here is a cake that won’t disappoint you. Again a Japanese cake on the list and with that another Tokyo pastry chef, Jeong Hong-yong. This cake took about six months to be designed and one more month to get finished. The Diamond Fruit Cake was a part of an exhibition called, “Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle”. Priced at $1.65 Million, this cake contains 223 pieces of diamonds on the exterior. Except for the diamonds, the cake is fully edible. The chef decided to auction off the cake for Christmas 2005. But one has to be daring enough to even think of tasting this awesome piece of cake.

1. Pirates Fantasy Cake

pirates fantasy cake

Ta-da! Here comes the world’s most expensive cake ever, the Pirates Fantasy Cake which costs $35 million. The ten layered cake was crafted and prepared by Sri Lankan Chef, Dimuthu Kumarasinghe and was unveiled at the Heritance Ahungalla Hotel in Sri Lanka. Each of the ten layers of the cake is decorated with a different stone belonging to the sapphire family. The most expensive and rarest one is a King Sapphire or ‘Padmaraja’. It also showcases ten different pieces of jewellery, which includes, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings, tie pins, cuff links, nose rings and toe rings. Each layer of the cake is an outcome of exotic ingredients from around the globe, like cinnamon, zucchini, purple yam, coconut chips, rosemary, pistachio, almond cookies, white chocolate, coconut meringue, baked cheese, sweet wine berry, pineapple, walnut, pumpkin, lemon and lots more. The different jewels and flavors symbolized the beachfront property of the hotel and was the first ever for a five star beach resort.

Cakes, they will always continue to be a part of our beautiful fantasies. With this list about the Most Expensive Cakes, we can only fantasize about these super expensive cakes and dream about them, hoping to lay our hands on the smallest of pieces of these cakes.



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