Top 5 Most Expensive Colleges In The World

Education is the most important aspect of a human’s life. Ever since we have gained our senses, all we can remember is going to school, first junior school, then high school, then college. And the process continues going on. We might stop going to educational institutes after a certain point of time, but there is no full stop to learning. But it is also true that of all the education we gain during our lifetime, most of it comes from such institutions. After years of schooling, college is a place where we find a little relaxation from the strict discipline and rules of our schools. Also, college is the place where we put our first steps in pursuing our dreams. Some colleges just make this ‘dream achieving’ process a bit expensive? How? This list says it all. With the ‘Top 5 Most Expensive Colleges in the world’, you know what you are going to read below. An educational extravaganza, if I put it in the right way, and a little sarcastically too. So brace yourselves for a fun read of how expensive the ‘lethal weapon’ can get. Here we go!

Most Expensive Colleges In The World

5. Claremont McKenna College

claremont mckenna college

Originally founded as a men’s college in 1946, Claremont McKenna College, or CMC, became co educational in 1976. It is located in Claremont, South California, United states and is a private, liberal arts college with an admission rate of 11.7% in 2013. Its 69 acre campus is located 35 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles and primarily focuses on undergraduate education, but in 2007 it established the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, which offers a masters degree in finance. As a residential community, students are guaranteed four years of housing on campus. CMC’s dorms are divided into three regions, North, Mid and South Quad. In North Quad, all rooms are double grouped into suites of four rooms and a bathroom. The senior apartments are divided into four buildings where each apartment is divided into four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Seniors also have the options to stay in the meal plans. The total of cost of studying here is $ 58,065. It boasts of one of the lowest acceptance rates in the US.

4. Columbia University

columbia university

The complete name is Columbia University in the city of New York and has fees of $58,742, a little higher than that of the previous one. Located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, Columbia University is one of the nine original Colonial colleges and is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state. Today the university also operates overseas in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago and Nairobi. It was founded in 1754 as King’s College and now the main campus occupies more than six city blocks. It owns over 7,800 apartments and has an extensive underground tunnel system. Several buildings on the Morningside Heights campus are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Harvey Mudd College

harvey mudd college

With a fee of $ 58,913, Harvey Mudd College is a private liberal arts college of science, engineering and mathematics and was founded in 1955. It is based in Claremont in California and shares university resources such as libraries, dining halls, campus security, with other institutions in the Claremont Colleges. One third of the students in this college are National Merit Scholars and about 40% of graduates are going to earn a Ph.D. in 1997, it became the sole American undergraduate college ever to win the first place in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 America’s Best Colleges Report, this one is ranked as the 12th best liberal arts college in the States.

2. New York University

new york university

Founded in 1831, New York University boasts of a fee of $58,858 and is one of the largest private universities in the US. Situated at Washington Square in Greenwich Village, it has campuses overseas as well. Since the late 1970s, the central part of NYU has been the Washington Square campus. Since the early 1000s, NYU has developed new facilities on and around the Washington Square campus, including the Kimmel Center for University life, Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, the Rosenthal Pavilion, the Eisner and Lubin Auditorium and the Loeb Student Center. NYU houses around 11,000 undergraduate and graduate residents. Many of NYU’s residence halls are converted apartment complexes or old hotels. The university operates its own transit system to transport its students to the campus by bus.

1. Sarah Lawrence College

sarah laurence

Situated in Westchester County in Yonkers in the State of New York, Sarah Lawrence College boasts of a fee of $61,236 and is known for its rigorous academic standards, low student to faculty ration and highly individualized course of study. It offers eight graduate programs, each of which confers the master degree upon its graduates. Its Bates Center for Student Life is a huge facility designed in the common area that houses not just offices and classrooms but also maids’ quarters dining halls, laboratories and arts facilities.

As we come to the end of the list, I feel obliged to have written this article and for learning some unknown facts about some of the best and most expensive colleges in the world. As I had said, learning has no ending!

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