Top 5 most expensive diamond rings in the world

Diamonds have always been far more than jewels and a traditional symbol of romance and love, especially diamond rings.

Everytime a gentleman places a gorgeous diamond ring on his lady’s hand and makes a romantic proposal – she knows that fairy tales do exist. But making dreams come true always comes with a price.

Here are the top 5 most expensive diamond rings in the world.


Pink Diamond Ring

This stone is the most expensive diamond ring in the world. The five carats pink diamond was sold for a record $10.8 million.

Vivid Blue Diamond Ring

This ring was sold for $7.9 million. The beautiful blue diamond weighs six carats and the ring is made of platinum with emerald cut diamonds on each side of the central gem.

Oval-Cut Diamond Ring

This pure white diamond ring made of platinum was sold for $ 4,2 millions.

De Beers Platinum Diamond Ring

Gorgeous De Beers Platinum Diamond Ring boasts a nine-carat gem placed on a perfectly polished platinum ring. It is priced at $1.83 million.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring

This gorgeous ring used to belong to the beautiful actress and is valued at $1.3 million.

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