Top 5 Most Expensive Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are extremely rare and unusual animal pets. Lately people with extra cash often decide to own exotic pets in their households. Animal lovers now can purchase easy and legally exotic animals like rare birds, snakes, monekys or even wild cats.  However, this is not such a good idea – it can be even dangerous. Experts believe that this is bad for the exotic animals, because they are wild and not used to live with people, like domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. But, take a look and find out which are the Top 5 most expensive exotic pets in the world!

Exotic pets for Animal lovers!

White Lion Cubs

exotic pets - white lion cubs

White lions are extremely rare in the wild, since is not a subspecies of lion but it’s a result of a recessive gene. They are found in south Africa where they are considered for “divine creatures”, but lately they have begun to be bred in captivity with other lions. Worldwide there are just several white lion cubs currently, and their price is $138 000.



The villages of Africa began to keep Chimpanzees as pets, and soon this trend spread worldwide. Chimpanzees are intelligent animals and very close with humans. They can live up to 60 years in captivity, often they can outliving their owners. Their price is $60 000-$65 000.

Lavender Albino Ball Python

lavender albino ball python

Lavender Albino Python can be found in Africa. This is the first python with bright ruby red eyes and lavender skin color instead of the traditional white color. They are worth $20 000.

Hyacinth Macaw

hyacinth macaw

Hyacinch Macaw found in South Africa is the largest parrot species in existence in the world. With their gorgeous blue feathers these parrots are very popular like exotic pets and because of that they are rarely found in the wild and also their price is high – $ 6 500-$12 000.

Savannah Cat

savannah cat

Savannah cats are a cross between a domestic house cat and a Serval (African wild cat). Savannah cats are with exotic look and have more intelligence then the domestic cats.  They have many similarity with the dogs – they are also friendly, social and loyal to their owners. You can have this exotic and beautiful cat for a price of $4 000-$10 000.



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