Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels Around The World

What would you call a perfect holiday? The companion? The journey? The weather? I would say all of them. Yet there is something that matters the most, and that is where we put up. The hotel. We students unfortunately have a tight budget while we are travelling and have to think twice before selecting a hotel. Sad! But what gives me immense pleasure is the fact that I got to write this article. Most expensive hotels. That spells class and elegance from every possible angle. Most of us have visited some high profile five star hotels at some point in our lives. But getting to stay or even visit the following hotels, which stand out from the rest, because they are, well, the most expensive hotels in the world, is a lifetime experience in itself. This overwhelming list left me mesmerized at the extent to which celebrity couples and other high profile individuals can go to ensure a luxurious stay away from home. Cool it is. So let’s go ahead and explore the finer details of the top 5 most expensive hotels, while getting into the day dreaming mode.

Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels

5. Mnemba Island Lodge

mnemba island lodge

So a private island at first. Gives us a clear picture as to how expensive this stay can be. On the north eastern tip of Zanzibar, lies the Mnemba Island, a private island, inhabited only by guests and the hotel staff. This exquisite island with its white coral reefs is one of the most romantic ocean destinations in the world. Mnemba Island Lodge is situated at a distance of a 90 minute drive from Stone Town through the spice plantations that cover the island. Guests have to wade through knee deep ocean water to board a boat that will take them to the hotel after a short 20 minute journey. What is alluring about this hotel is the pure barefoot bliss it offers to its guests. There are ten palm-frond bandas tucked into a tropical forest on the fringes of a white coral sand beach. The covered walkway leads to a shuttered bathroom with huge glass beaded shower curtain. Built in barazas in the verandah, thatched dining and sitting area, lunch served on large wooden carved Zanzibari platters, private beach picnic, water sports are among the numerous facilities this hotel offers. All this comes at a price of $3,100 per night.

4. Singita Grumeti Reserves

singita grumeti reserves

This Tanzanian hotel remains the fourth most expensive hotel, at a price tag of $3,570 per night. Singita Grumeti Reserves in Tanzania consists of two tented accommodation and three lodges, which offers unparalleled luxury and comfort in the heart of the forest. It received a score of 98.44 out of 100 in a list based on readers’ surveys. It is located on the migratory route through which millions of wild animals travel and traverse annually. The guests are provided with photographic jackpot opportunities when the animals travel by their bedroom windows. Though the location is remote, the guests are here treated and pampered with five star services. The best part about a stay here? Here the safari comes to you!

3. Khwai River Lodge

khwai river lodge

At a rate of $4,060 per night, Khwai River Lodge in Botswana is the third most expensive hotel in the word and belongs to the Oriental Hotel Group property. It is located on the edge of the forest overlooking the vast floodplains of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Guests can enjoy the wildlife without even having to step outside, from their bedrooms. They pick up guests from the private airstrip and drive them back to the lodge. The lodge has separate cabins, which look like permanent tents, with porches on the cabins. The staff escorts the guests to their rooms every night after dinner to ensure their safety. Since the lodge is small and accommodates a very small number of people, there is ample peace and privacy. The hotel also provides a luxurious en suited bathroom, fully stocked mini bar, a four poster bed and discreet air conditioning.

2. Laucala Resort

laucala resort

Laucala Resort is located on a private island in Fiji in the South Pacific. Set on 3,500 acres of land, this resort is situated amidst an exclusive tropical land with coconut plantations, sandy beaches, rich green mountains and awesome view. 25 Fijian styled villas are set here amid deserted beaches and at the top of the island’s volcanic mountains. The hotel offers services like golfing, water sports, diving and snorkeling, fishing and horse riding and lots more, all at a whopping price of $5,040 per night.

1. North Island Resort 

north island lodge

So as we come to the end of the list, the most expensive hotel in the world is none other than the North Island Resort in Seychelles, the very place where Prince William and Kate Middleton went for their honeymoon trip. Some 30 km from the main island of Mahe, the North Island enjoys isolation. The North Island is basically a sanctuary where natural habitats that have been neglected for a long time are rehabilitated so that the flora and fauna of Seychelles may thrive. On this floating island, there are 11 guest villas, each of which are handcrafted by African craftsmen. The price? $5,843 per night.

I kind of feel sad that the list has finally come to an end. The ultra luxury and high quality pictures had taken me to a different world altogether. It was truly an awesome experience.

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