Top 5 Most Expensive Stupid Things

You can’t always get what you want. That is fact. But it could be a great thing if not getting what you want may prevent you from spending your money on some of the most ridiculously things you can imagine. Sometimes it is hard to believe that in some parts of the world people are starving to death and in some others, people are just throwing their money on really stupid items that none of us would ever spent money on. Anyway, everyone is free to do whatever they want with their money, so here you have a list of the 5 most expensive stupid things you can ever imagine.

5 Expensive Stupid Things You Could Buy

5. Solid-Gold Toilet

solid gold toilet

We have known for a while that China is a superior economic force, and they have really made some huge efforts to show as that. We can now confirm this after they produced a solid-gold toilet manufactured by one of the most expensive jewelry store in Hong Kong. The visionaries at Hang Fung Jewelers bought an enormous amount of gold, melted it down and cast a golden fancy toilet out of it. Its value has been established around $7.5 million. But they did not stopped there, they have also made a complete set of other solid-gold bathroom fixtures made, just to keep things consistent.

4. Superlative Luxury T-Shirt

superlative luxury t-shirt

If you are what you dress, then you must be a really valuable person if you are wearing this T-shirt worth $400,000. Superlative Luxury, is a clothing company that invested serious resources into the production of the most expensive T-shirt in the world. This unique item of clothing is made from organic cotton and was manufactured by only using renewable energy, the result was a unbelievable softness T-shirt. The printed design was set with eight white diamonds and eight rare black diamonds, fixed by hand. Each of the stones measures over a carat as well. We hope they don’t chafe.

3. Miniature Lamborghini Aventador

lamborghini aventador miniature

Here we have yet other most expensive stupid things. Paying $4.7 million for a car is ridiculous enough, but paying $4.7 million for a 1:8 scale model car? That’s just crazy. Mr. Robert Gulpan is a German model maker, widely considered to be the master of miniature cars, and his take on the Lamborghini Aventador is the most expensive thing he’s ever produced. This car has been entirely crafted in pure carbon fiber, and some small details were lined with several threads of solid gold. The seats, wheels and headlights all have diamonds inlaid in them. Ironicly, a full-sized Aventador costs less than 1/10th as much. They start at $379,000.

2. Tiffany’s Tennis Ball Can

tiffany tennis ball can

As you know, Tiffany’s & Co. is a worldwide know producer of fine jewelry, diamonds, and little turquoise boxes. But since selling diamonds worth millions of dollars it was not enough, they have other offerings as well, like this 1837 Tennis Ball Can, designed to hold 4 tennis balls. These cans are made of sterling silver and the cost around $1,500 each. There is one more thing to add regarding this fancy can: possessing it, will not make a better tennis player, for sure.

1. Lois Vuitton Skateboard

louis vuitton skateboard

Skaters gonna hate. This exclusive fashion maison had no better idea than selling, along with its endless expensive catalogue of products, a Louis Vuitton skateboard. It price is unbelievable high, around $8,000 and once more, buying it does not mean you will be a better skater. This is a great example of how being rich is all about being one of 3 possible owners of a weird designer collectible that isn’t even intended for use.

So, if you have if you have money to burn, you already know how you can do it, buying some of these most expensive stupid things.

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