Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Women has this crazy obsession about shoes and they know – a pair of good and gorgeous shoes is worth anything. Women are prepared to spend thousands of dollars just to satisfy their needs and to have all kinds of shoes. As Carrie Bradshaw once said that sometimes is hard to walk in a woman’s shoes and we need special ones to make the walking more fun. Take a look and see which are the Top 5 most expensive women’s shoes in the world!

Ruby Slippers from House of Harry Winston ($3,000,000)

Ruby Slippers from House of Harry Winston ($3,000,000)

The Ruby slippers from House of Harry Winston designed as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Wizard of Oz in 1989, are the most expensive shoes in the world. They are designed by Ronald Winston and they are worth $3,000,000. It took two months just to set 4 600 rubies and 50 karats of diamonds.

Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Heyworth Heels ($3,000,000)

Stuart Weitzman's Rita Heyworth Heels ($3,000,000)

The second most expensive shoes in the world are Rita Heyworth Heels worth $3,000,000. The shoes adorned with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and elegant satin designed by Stuart Weitzman are every women’s dream. These gorgeous shoes now are owned by Princess Yasim Aga Khan.

Stuart Weitzman’s Tanzanite Shoes ($2,000,000)

Stuart Weitzman's Tanzanite Shoes ($2,000,000)

These Tanzanite shoes are also designed by Stuart Weitzman and costs $2,000,000. These elegant heels are adorned with diamonds and the ankle strap had 185 karats rare African gem – Tanzanite.

Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers ($2,000,000)

Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers ($2,000,000)

Cinderella slippers were worn by singer Alison Krauss at the Academy Awards in 2004. They are made from the finest Italian leather and have 565 diamonds and one 5 karat amaretto diamond. These fantasy themed shoes costs $2,000,000.

Stuart Weitzman’s Platinum Guild ($1,090,000)

Stuart Weitzman's Platinum Guild ($1,090,000)

The expensive shoe designer Stuart Weitzman created these unique Platinum Guild stilettos and they come with 464 sparkling diamonds. What makes these shoes so amazing is the fact that the diamonds are removable and they can be worn as jewelry.

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