Top 5 Most Popular Cigarette Brands

Smokers gonna smoke. That is a fact. Each and every smoker knows that smoking is a pretty dangerous habit with nasty consequences in 99% of the cases. Addiction and illness are two of the most shocking smoking facts. But, in this opportunity, we are not going to judge them or tell them what they should do. On the contrary, we are just going to show you their smoking preferences around the world. From number 5 to 1, here is the list of the most popular cigarette brands in the world.


Top 5 Most Popular Cigarette Brands In The World

5. Dunhill

Dunhill cigarettes are the pride and joy of British American Tobacco Company, one of the largest Tobacco Companies all around the world. Even though its price is higher than most cigarettes brands, they are one of the most popular cigarettes on earth. They are also considered a luxury product since they are made of a fine cut tobacco. They are mostly sold in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Korea, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Of course, they are also available online in the United States and Canada.

4. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike was born in 1916. Its image went through a gradual transformation until the packages were totally redesigned with the red and white logo we all know today. This new logo was created by Raymond Loewy, a worldwide know Industrial designer at the time. Lucky broke new grounds regarding cigarettes marketing until advertising campaigns were forbidden in the United States. One of its most distinctive characteristics is that Lucky cigarettes are made of Turkish tobacco blends.

3. Winston

In 1954, R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company released Winston Cigarettes. They were the number one sold cigarettes in United States for several years. They reached the 1rst selling position after they delivered an advertising campaign with the tag line: “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”. The brand reached its popularity peak in 1980’s. Although Tobacco Companies are not longer allowed to advertise nowadays, Winston is still one of the most sold cigarettes brands around the world.

2. Camel

Another top cigarette brand which is also manufactured by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company is Camel. Since its Introduction in 1913 it has became one of the most well-known cigarette brands around the world, with only a few direct competitors in the market. Although its popularity has declined a little bit over the years, it is still considered a true pioneer in tobacco industry. Its unique taste has been prepared by blending almost 12 different types of Virginia tobacco. Finally, another major trigger of its fame was the introduction of Joe Camel, a cartoon character for the brand created in 1987.

1. Marlboro

Finally, the leading tobacco brand in the entire world is Marlboro. It was first introduced to the market in 1924 and it has become the most sold brand ever since. This product belongs to the Phillip Morris family and there are over ten varieties of Marlboro cigarettes to choose from. Compared to other items Marlboro would be the Coca-Cola of cigarettes brands. In recent surveys Marlboro was appointed as the highest selling cigarette in 4 continents (Asia, America, Europe and Africa).

We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 list of most popular cigarette brands around the world. We expect you to find it useful until you are ready to quit smoking.

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