Top 5 Most Romantic Italian Songs Of All Times

Italy is a place of classic architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, captivating scenarios and above all, heart-warming romantic songs which all music lovers definitely enjoy. Italian music is very popular across the world and so are the Italian songs, particularly, romantic ones. What could be better than starting your day with some nice romantic tracks from the land of love? So here’s a list of top 5 most romantic Italian songs which will surely sweep you off your feet and set you in the romantic mood with your partner.

Most Romantic Italian Songs

5. Perdere L’amore


One of the top ranking songs from the chart busters of Italy music, this song was written by Massimo Raneiri and Giampiero Artegiani. The song is about a man who was separated from his love. The lyrics and theme of the song is very painful and is symbolic of the true love between the man and his love. It is an anthem for those who are in love but get separated from each other for some or the other reason. The song released in 1988 and is still regarded as one of the most romantic Italian songs.

4. Questo Piccolo Grande Amore

Questo Piccolo Grande Amore

Translating to “This Little Love” in English, this Italian romantic song was written by Claudio Baglioni and is regarded as one of his more popular and important compositions. The song is a tale of two young lovers, who are parted from each other but can’t stop thinking about one another. The young man works in military which is why he has to stay away from his girlfriend, and so he expresses regret for the same. This song went on to become the most sold albums in the history of Italian music and was a smash hit.

3. Azzurro

song 3

Composed by Paolo Conte and Michele Vitrano, this is a very warm and romantic song which is loved not just by Italians but also by people who love and appreciate music. The song was made in 1968 and oozes out love, loneliness and pain from it. The simplicity of the song, beautiful imagery and the melodious tunes make the song ever more poetic. The most famous version of the song was recorded by Adriano Celentano in 1968, and has been covered by many other Italian artists. The song was used by the Italian national football team and has also been translated into Germany by various singers.

2. Io Che Amo Solo Te

song 2

Another romantic song from the land of love, it is widely regarded as an ideal song for couples in love. Whether you want to propose to your girlfriend/ boyfriend, or reassure your partner of your undying love on the occasion of your anniversary, this song is the perfect play. Composed by Sergio Endrigo, the song is about a man who was in love with a woman and waited all his life only for that one person!

1. Caruso

song 1

Undoubtedly one of the greatest Italian compositions ever, this song truly captures the essence of love and pain at the same time. The song has been written by Luciao Dalla and is dedicated in the memory of Enrico Caruso, who was a renowned tenor and opera singer in the late 1890s and early 1900s. It is said that the singer spent the last few days of his life in a hotel in a place called Sorrento, where he would teach music to a beautiful young woman whom he was probably in love with. Through this song, Dalla wanted to capture the feelings and emotions of love, which is what makes this song a masterpiece of all times. Sublime, intense, subtle and romantic are the best words to describe this most romantic Italian song.

If you want to treat your partner to classical romantic songs to express your love, then this is the right collection of top 5 most romantic Italian songs for you.

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