Top 5 Most Weird Shoes In History

The first shoes (sandals) are dating from 7, 000 or 8,000 B.C. and they were found in the Fort Rock Cave in US. The shoes have a long history, and over the centuries people used all kinds of materials for making shoes. The fashion industry has turned the shoes from necessary into some kind of work of art. But some of them are very weird and unusal, and not so comfortable to wear. However we found thousands of really bizarre shoes on internet, but we’ve rounded to Top 5 most weird shoes made in history!

Weird shoes

Lotus Shoes

weird shoes

The Chinese custom of breaking and binding the girl’s feet to make it look small like a lotus flower began over thousands years ago. When the little girl turned 3 years old, all here toes were broken and her feet were bound tight with cloth strips, to keep her feet growing larger than 10 cm. Since than many Chinese women from all classes have experienced the pain in achieving the small lotus foot. The lotus shoes usually were made of silk or cotton, in different colors and styles with designs of flowers or animals. The lotus shoes were produced until 2009, by the shoe factory Zhiqiang Shoe Factory. Although the foot binding is no longer practiced in China, you can find many lotus shoes in museums.


shoes padukas

Padukas or toe-knob sandals are the oldest Indian footwear. Paduka means foot prints of Hindu gods like Vishnu and Shiva, that are worshipped in temples. Padukas are a little more than a sole with post and knob, which is located between the big and second toe. They usually are made of wood, ivory, iron or silver in various forms and materials. Today paduka is worn by mendicants and saints of Hindu and Jain religions.


kabkabs shoes

The kabkabs or nalins are studded wooden stilts, worn by the women in the Middle East who wanted to protect their feet from dirty or wet floors in public bathhouses. The word “kabkab” come from the clopping sound they make while walking. They were made of wood,were several inches high and decorated with embroidered silk, leather or velvet straps. For some special occasions like weddings, the wooden stilts were covered with silver ornaments. They were worn only by women, but in the bathhouses the simple kabkabs were worn also by men.


chopines shoes

The chopines are high platformed shoes and they debuted in the early 16th century and were very popular among Italian women. These extravagant and impractical shoes were made of wood and covered with silk or velvet. Since they were not practical to wear, women were seen struggling to walk in chopines suported by their servants. The chopines were rarely seen because the women wore long dresses that covered their shoes, but some museums have examples of original chopines.

Heelless shoes

heelless shoes

Heelless shoes or shoes without heels. You probably spotted these modern shoes on the fashion runways or among the celebrities like the trendsetter and singer Lady Gaga. They debuted on Antonio Berardi’s fashion show in 2007 and were made famous by Victoria Beckham, one year later. Although they look uncomfortable and weird, according to Berardi they are perfectly balanced and do not cause any pain while walking.



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