Top 5 Most Well Know Anorexic Models

Some of the most spread diseases among Top Models are Anorexia and Bulimia. The primary cause of these eating disorders has to do with idealizing a slim figure and considering it a must to the fashion industry and an unavoidable rule for successful fashion modeling.

These well known “Eating disorders” mean unhealthy eating habits in the form of overeating or abstinence from eating. People with anorexia become completely obsessed with weight and dieting. They suffer from a distorted mental image of their body. They are always seeing themselves as fat people, even when they are extremely thin. Surprisingly, most anorexic people have no history of being overweight.

Nowadays, many celebrities who have experienced the negative impacts of these eating disorders are actively involved in creating awareness campaigns about the dangers of these diseases and the recommended preventive actions. Now, in Top5ives, we are offering you a list of 5 anorexic models, some of them were able to overcome this problem; some others did not, unfortunately.

Top 5 Most Famous Anorexic Models

5. The Uruguayan sister models, Luisel and Eliana Ramos.

They both died of anorexia 6 months apart. The sisters were supposed to appear alongside each other on the catwalk the night that Luisel died, but she collapsed before the show’s finale. On the other hand, Eliana, 18, was found dead in her home in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay a few months after her sister passed away. Although there was no official report after Eliana’s death, it was informed that she died of a heart attack. They both have been struggling with Anorexia since they were kids and never could overcome it.

4. The Barbi Twins.

Other sisters who had to battle with this terrible disease were Shane and Sia Barbi. These twins were born in San Diego, CA on April 2, 1963. They are also worldwide known as the “Barbi Twins”. They achieved great popularity due to their record breaking Playboy magazine covers and top-selling calendars. They worked as models for huge companies around the world such as Chanel, Thierry Mugler, and John Galliano. The Barbi Twins battled anorexia and bulimia. Having overcome these eating disorders, they told their experiences to the world in order to help other people struggling with the same situation. Their first book was, Dying to Be Healthy: A Breakthrough Diet, Nutrition, and Self Help Guide (1999).Their second book was The Eco Anti-Diet, Plus Confessions (2006).

3. Ana Carolina Reston.

Another sad and tragic story regarding anorexic models is the one about Ana Carolina Reston. She was just 21 when died because of anorexia. She was a Top Model, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil .She died weighing just 40 kgs (88lbs). When Ana Carolina Reston first started, she was told she was too fat to work on the runways, so she did not learn to deal with this situation and started to develop an eating disorder that took her to the edge. When her friends and family realizes what was going on it was too late. Nothing could stopper form starving to death. She died from complications arising from anorexia two years after she was diagnosed with her eating disorder.

2. Tyra Lynne Banks.

She started out as a model for some of the most well-known haute couture designers around the world. She became famous after her appearing twice on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. At some point, Tyra had some problems to find jobs due to her curvy body. This pushed her to the edge of Anorexia and Bulimia. Luckily for her, her mother stood by her side and helped her to overcome this rough path and she continued to work as a Top Model for several more years until she retired. Now, she is the host of the famous talk shows; America’s Next Model and The Tyra Banks Show. She became a role model for many young girls and boys around the world after her disclosure about her eating disorders.

1. Isabelle Caro.

She was a French actress and model whose anorexic image appeared in a shock Italian ad campaign to show the true horror of anorexia. She suffered from severe anorexia nervosa since the age of 13. When this campaign took over the world she said she agreed to pose for the campaign because “I said if I can put my years of suffering to good use then it will not have been pointless. … I know it’s a shocking photo, and I want it to shock. It’s really a warning that it is a serious illness.” Unfortunately, Isabelle lost her eating disorder battle on November 2010 at age 28 after being treated for an acute respiratory illness; she died at the age of 28. At the time of the poster campaign, reportedly weighed 32kg.

This is the Top 5 list of most well know anorexic models around the world. We hope these facts are useful and serve as an example for those sexy models who believe that being extremely thin will made them happy.

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