Top 5 Credit Card Apps for Android

When the mobile payment innovations started it was clear that everyone wants to be able to accept and pay while they are mobile. Now a day’s many organisations are coming up with their mobile payment apps through which it is a lot easier than ever to make and accept payments. We are providing you the list of Top 5 Credit Card apps for android smartphones. These mobile apps are brought to you by some of the largest and most upcoming mobile payment solutions providers. See which provider suits you best from the best.

Top 5 Credit Card Apps for Android

5. Mobile Merchant Pro

Mobile Merchant Pro

Mobile Merchant Pro is a free virtual credit card terminal application, which offers real-time credit card transactions on their Android powered smartphones. This is a perfect on the go solution for anyone who is need to process credit cards while they are mobile. This app provides non-swipe keyed credit card transactions to all the major payment gateways like Authorize.Net and Zoomgate.

All these payment gateways provide the ability to accept credit cards via a website shopping cart in addition to a “virtual terminal”, which lets the merchant process credit cards via a simple web interface. Since Mobile Merchant Pro acts as an interface to your gateway, it makes a welcome addition for any merchant looking for a way to use their smartphone to post payments directly to their gateway/virtual terminal.

4. Merchant on the Move 

Merchant on the Move

 Merchant on the Move provides free android software to its all Merchant on the Go Printer customers, which has the ability to accept credit cards anywhere with your Android smartphone or tablet. Swiping and Printing credit cards anywhere is now simpler. It’s one of the great features is that it can store customers signed receipt with genuine authentication, making its safe and secure software.

It is no longer necessary to print a second receipt for your records and the days of filing and transporting hundreds of little credit card receipts are over. You can view or reprint any receipts instantly through transaction central. It supports large base of android devices, so that everyone can have the luxury to accept payment anywhere, anytime.

3. Credit Card Machine – Accept

Credit Card Machine - Accept

Last year, Paynet Systems ‘Credit Card Machine’ app was chosen for Top 5 Finalist for Shopping and Commerce app among the likes of Amazon and eBay for Retail. It is currently one of the fastest and most reliable networks of payment system on Android. It accepts credit card transactions for as little as .30 cents a day. This customer-centric payments app has a lot to offer.

  • Free credit card reader
  • Access to 24/7 free online web store
  • It takes No Setup fees
  • Simple merchant service approval process
  • An in-built shopping cart for speedy and efficient mobile device checkout
  • Provides database to create inventory of products and services
  • Can store customer details like email address, telephone number and notes

2. Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment app is one of the largest players in the mobile payment systems. Its credit card app for Android is built by Intuit Inc., which offers to accept credit cards payment wherever you go. It allows a fast, easy, and commitment-free way for you to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. It needs a credit card reader to be plugged into your mobile device. And then you can start accepting credit cards anywhere you go so you never miss a sale. You will receive a free credit card reader once you sign up for service.

GoPayment offers two pricing modes to fit your needs, with No set-up fee, No commitment and the ability to cancel anytime.

  • Pay Monthly and Save: $12.95/mo with rates as low as 1.75% per swipe
  • Pay-as-you-go: No monthly fee, with rates as low as 2.75% per swipe

1. Square Register

Square Register

 Square Register by Square Inc. is another largely in use credit card app for android , which are offered to individuals and merchants in the United States, Canada, and Japan to accept debit and credit cards on their Android powered smartphone. You can easily enter the card details or can swipe your card through the Square Reader, a small magnetic reader which directly plugs into the audio jack of your supported Android smartphone or tablet and can read the magnetic stripe of credit card.

It can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You just pay 2.75% per transaction, which in return allows you to access your funds within 1-2 business days. It takes No monthly fees, commitments or any surprises. It also has back office tools, where you can see and make sense of all of your transactions. You can sign up and download your Square Reader for Free.

From all the apps available on Google Play Store, we have provided you with a list of some of the most amazing and highly rated apps available for the credit card payment solutions on the go. Use them, and tell us your experience of using any of the above apps you liked.  

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