Top 5 Rare Flowers

Just as we humans, each flower has its own genetic code. You can find over 270.000 different species all over the planet. It is quite difficult to imagine one that Mother Nature hasn’t already created. Wherever you are in the world, you can always count on a beautiful flower to blossom in springtime. There is no arguing about flowers being the natural finery of every landscape. However, some flowers are rarer than other. Here will we show you the top 5 rarest flowers in the planet.

Top 5 Rarest Flowers In The World

5. Jade Vine

The jade vine considered one of the rarest flowers in the world due to its colors and the length it can reach. It is almost three meters long and grows in the tropical forest. Jade Vine possesses claw shaped flowers with a unique turquoise color, not ever seen in almost any other wild flower or plant in the world. One of the biggest issues with it has to do with its difficulty to breed and propagate. That is why is considered an endangered species. You can still find it in the rain-forest of the Philippines.

4. Ghost Orchids

The Ghost orchid it is also known as white frog orchid due to its shape. It is considered a rare plant since it does not produces its own food. It has no leaves, so it does not depend on photosynthesis. It needs to be in contact with a specific fungus in order to feed itself and live. That makes it really hard to propagate. It was presumed extinct for over two decades, until it was found again in Herefordshire, England. It was lost all those years because the White orchid can live many years hidden and will only reveal itself when the precise conditions are given. Nowadays you can find her in Cuba and some parts of the State of Florida, U.S.

3. The Zebra Blue Primrose

Another rare flower is the Zebra Blue Primrose. This is a unique plant due to its exquisite pattern. It grows a blue and white striped flower with a golden center. It blooms in full sun if the soil is permanently moisturized. You will look forward to seeing this awesome flower to grow plants each spring.

2. Corpse Flower

This nature’s engineering miracle it is one of the largest and heaviest flowers in the world. It can weight up till 10 kilograms. It is found mainly in the tropical forests of Indonesia. It is one of the world’s rarest and really endangered wildflower species. Its nickname comes from the fact that it releases a pungent rotten flesh smell when in bloom to attract flies and carrion beetles to aid in pollination. Once in bloom, the flower will only last about blooming for 5 days before dying.

1. Black Velvet Petunia

This is a One-of-a-kind flower due to its color. On the contrary to what you might think, this dark flower exudes a very sweet fragrance from its Its velvety black trumpets. Black Velvet is not that hard to find but what makes it different from the others it is its intense black color. The color black is very rare in the plant world and most black plants are usually dark purple, this characteristic is what makes it so appealing.

We hope you enjoyed this Top 5 rare flowers ranking. All you have to do now is travel around the world and see them for yourself!

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