Top 5 Rarest Diseases Found Across The World

There is hardly any person who has not been affected by any disease till date. While diseases like common cold, chicken pox, measles, HIV/AIDS, etc. are likely to affect a large number of people across the world at any given point of time, there are other diseases which are unheard of because they are so rare. Sometimes, you might not have even heard of the names of these diseases but these are cruel killers of lives in many parts of the world. Here is a list of the top 5 rarest diseases which are deadly and dangerous.

Rarest Diseases

5. Progeria


The name quite explains the diseases and its characteristics. The word ‘pro’ means premature and ‘geras’ means old age, implying that the diseases means having old age before time. A person affected with this disease experiences symptoms of ageing at a very early age. It affects children right from the birth, leading them to live a span of not more than thirteen, in rare cases, only early twenties.

Progeria is a genetic disorder and its symptoms begin to appear within few months of a child’s birth. Limited growth, large head, small face with a shallow jaw, pointed nose, full-body alopecia, wrinkled skin, kidney failure, loss of hair and vision, prominent scalp veins and cardiovascular disorders are what characterize victims of this uncommon disease. There is no treatment to fully cure this disease, though attempts are made to reduce the negative effects of the same.

4. Dr. Strangelove syndrome

alien hand syndrome

Popularly known as the Alien hand Syndrome, this is a strange disease which is caused as an after-effect of important surgeries related to the brain. Sometimes, the two hemispheres of a person’s brain are surgically separated, as a measure of curing epilepsy. In other cases, if there has been a brain surgery, stroke, an infection, or degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, chances of getting affected by the alien hand syndrome are quite high.

In this rare disorder, the person’s hand develops a mind of its own and starts doing activities over which the person’s brain has no control. The hand can engage in mild activities like rubbing the face, or even severe activities like throwing objects. Although the person can sense movement of the limb, he cannot control it. There is no cure for this disease but symptoms can be reduced by keeping the hand busy.

3. Microcephaly


Another rare disorder which affects children almost immediately after birth, it is a neurological imbalance which causes the child’s head to be of an abnormal circumference. It may even affect the child when it is in the womb of the mother. This disease causes the brain to stop developing properly, leading to the size of the head becoming smaller than usual.

It is believed that a child contracts this disease due to various factors such as genetic mutations, exposure to harmful radiations, infections, brain hemorrhages, hypothyroidism, etc. Microcephaly results in impairment of intellectual development but other functions of the body are not affected until later in life. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for it and one has to rely on medications for reducing the negative effects.

2. Hypertrichosis

werewolf syndrome

Informally called the werewolf syndrome because of its consequences, hypertrichosis is an abnormal condition in which there is hair growth in places where they would normally not be. This condition can either be localized (limited to a certain body part) or generalized (all over the body). Hair growth can occur at any part of the body, including the face, but excluding the pubic area.

This rare disease can either be acquired after birth due to side effects of drugs, cancer or other eating disorders, or can be congenital as in due to genetic mutations. There is no way of treating the disease caused by latter reasons, but in case of the former, the only way to control is to address the root cause of the contraction of the disease.

1. Human Pappilomavirus (HPV)


The HPV is a DNA virus which infects humans, only in the mucous membranes of the skin. The virus can cause cardiovascular diseases or cancer of cervix, vagina, penis and anus. It can also cause warts on the skin and lungs. In very rare cases, it can result in the growth of cutaneous horns, just as in the case of Dede Koswara, an Indonesian who is better known as the ‘Tree Man’.

HPV can be transferred through sexual contact, or sharing of objects which are contaminated with the virus. Its infections are more common in young women. Generally, the virus clears on it own, but when it persists and starts affecting the body, it can prove to be fatal. To prevent oneself from contracting this disease, one should follow the rules of safe sex (through condoms) and get vaccinations and microbicides. 

These top 5 rarest diseases are indeed deadly and care should be taken to prevent the same.


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