Top 5 Sea Creatures

Sea creatures are one of the most interesting living beings on the planet. They form a part of the beautiful fauna of nature which keeps us mesmerized. The beauty of these creatures lies in the fact that they stay under water for major part of their lives, yet they never fail to make their presence felt when we come in the vicinity of these interesting sea creatures. Here is the list of top 5 sea creatures that will amaze you by their characteristics:

Sea Creatures

5. Axolotls

You could mistake these sea creatures for brightly colored frogs but the fact is that they are just sea creatures, one of those cute ones whom you would like to see in an aquarium at your place. Their specialty is that they remain in their larval state even when they would have entered their adulthood and sexual maturity stage. Thus, it appears that axolotls are still babies even while they are reproducing. Also, another feature which sets them distinctly apart from most other sea creatures is that they can regenerate any limb if it gets broken.

The axolotls are also known as the Mexican salamander and are mostly found in the lakes of the Mexico City. They can measure anything between 15 to 45 centimeters in length, and feed on trout, salmon, earthworms and blood worms and are also prone to cannibalism.

4. Leafy Sea Dragon


Another interesting creature which enraptures us with the beauty of nature is the leafy sea dragon. This animal has tiny fins which look like small leaves, so when they propel with the help of those fins, it seems that a collection of seaweeds is floating in the water. It is a rare phenomenon that you see an animal which actually looks like a plant, which is why this little creature features on our list of interesting sea creatures.

Found along the western and southern coasts of Australia, these sea creatures grow not larger than 20 to 24 centimeters. They feed on plankton, larval fish and small crustaceans. It is officially the marine emblem of South Australia and also boasts of featuring on the logos of the Marine Life Society of South Australia Inc and the Adelaide University Scuba Club.

3. Lionfish

If lions on the land were not enough, there are lions under the sea as well! The lionfish is also known as Pterois and belongs to the family of scorpions, which is one of the reasons that its sting is quite painful. It may not be deadly if it stings you, but surely its attack is very painful because of the powerful venom. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and ornate creatures of the sea, they are mostly found in the Indo-Pacific. They change color as a warning, often turning red, white, creamy and even black.

There are 10 species of this type of fish and they range from 5 to 45 centimeters in length and 25 to 1300 grams in weight. Typically, they depend on smaller fish, mollusks, and invertebrates for their food, while they are predated upon by sharks and other larger groups of fishes.

2. Crocodiles

One of the most feared sea creatures is the crocodile, especially because it dwells both on land and in water. Because of the fact that it can swallow an entire human being in one go, it is among the most dreaded sea creatures. A crocodile’s advanced senses makes it an excellent predator, which is why it can easily sense when there is a prey in the vicinity and attack it.

Different species of crocodiles can weigh differently, ranging from 900 kilos up to 2000 kilos, and can measure from 1.5 meters to more than 6 meters in length. Depending on their species, size and age, crocodiles can prey on any living creature, starting from smaller fish to buffaloes and even humans.

1. Great White Shark

Found in the coastal area of almost all major oceans and seas, the great white shark is the one of the deadliest sea creatures ever. Its huge size makes it even more dangerous, with certain individuals reaching up to 21 feet in length and measuring up to 3324 kilos in weight. It preys upon all marine animals and even humans.

What makes it difficult for potential preys to become cautious of the presence of the great white shark is the color of the shark, which blends in the white foam of the ocean water. It has really sharp teeth which enables it to tear off the flesh more easily.

These top 5 sea creatures are just a small part of the whole family of interesting sea creatures which make up the entire fauna of the natural surroundings.

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