Top 5 Small Business Ideas for 2014

Entrepreneurship and small business is the flavor of the season. Given the fact that there is economic recession all around us and countries across the world are trying their best to recover from the same, it would be a great idea to start your own business. Small Business Ideas for 2014 will help you start from scratch in the present but lead to a highly successful venture in the future. Hence, the person starting the small business should plan everything carefully before investing his money into the business. So if you are out of business, or planning to start a new venture for additional income, then these are the Top 5 small business ideas for 2014:

Small Business Ideas for You 

5. Musical lessons


Music is like medicine to the ears. Performing and cultural arts, especially music and dance, have always enjoyed special patronage in the minds of the people. The art of singing or learning to play the musical instrument should be inculcated or practiced from an early age. Many schools do not provide music lessons to their students, which creates tremendous opportunities for a person to take up music teaching as a profession.

If you are adept in playing an instrument or have a keen interest in singing, you could begin with private music classes at beginner or advanced levels, depending on your skills. Once you have gathered enough reputation through word of mouth publicity, you could expand into professional, full-time music lessons for different levels of students.

4. Catering


If your hands have the magic of cooking up anything delicious, you could try your hand at catering services. Starting with confectionery items like brownies, cakes, cupcakes, different varieties of breads, sweets and patty, you could move over to main course dishes of different cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc. In the initial stages, you could probably get your neighbors, friends and acquaintances to taste a few dishes prepared by you, and once they start spreading good word about you, you could have heaps of contracts for catering in different events and on various occasions.

To enhance you business opportunities further and maintain quality of food, you could expand your personnel by hiring trained staff, advertise your business through cheap and effective advertising mediums (such as Facebook, flyers, etc.) and building networks of contacts. Though this business idea for 2014 may take some time to establish itself, in the long run, it could prove to be very profitable for you.

3. Freelancing


Freelancing in itself includes a wide gamut of smaller job opportunities such as photography, content writing, blogging, translator, data entry systems, social media marketing, etc. So if you think you have any of these talents, you could start a small business as a freelancer. Begin with small projects procured from acquaintances or online job portals. As you nurture your talent, build contacts and expand your work areas, you could end up getting bigger projects and contracts.

As a freelancing professional, you can earn anywhere $1000 to $15000 per month depending on the quality and quantity of work you deliver to your clients! Now doesn’t that sound a great idea for a small business? 

2. Image Consultant


In today’s critical times, companies both big and small as well as individuals are quite concerned about their image and reputation in the society. They do not want to leave any stone upturned to make sure that they maintain a favorable attitude in the minds of the people. Professional services of an image consultant are much sought after in critical times, especially when a celebrity or an organization is under the spectrum of criticism in the eyes of its stakeholders. 

The profession of image consultant allows you to work independently and gives you a chance to build contacts with a wide range of people from different industrial backgrounds. What begins as a few thousands per months could lead to few lac a month, proving the success of this small business.

1. Mobile and web app developer

We live in the world of technology. Ever since the world witnessed and experienced the first ‘app’, tables for technological skills have turned around. Now every company, firm, start-up and even educational institutions have built their own mobile and web apps. Apps have become a fantastic tool for marketing by manufacturers. They are simple, easily accessible and are indicative of a company’s popularity. 

Professionals trained in computer and mobile software see immense potential in the small business ideas of web and mobile app development. This business provides job opportunities for graphic designers, gamer, people with coding knowledge, marketing professionals, etc. So if you have the entrepreneurial qualities in you, you could set up a small firm for app development and procure projects from esteemed clients through quality work.

These small business ideas for 2014 will surely help you nurture your entrepreneurship and leadership skills as well as be a source of income.

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