Top 5 Turkish Series Including Ezel, Gumus And More

Turkish Series  – Turkey is a country with a very old and traditional film history. The market for TV series has improved enormously especially after 2000.

The amount of Turkish Series is very impressive but we made a list of Top 5 Turkish Series including Ezel, Love and Punishment, Gumus and more. The list aims to give an understanding about Turkey’s impressive TV series and will help you to decide which series are worth seeing.

5. Bitter Life (Aci Hayat)

Bitter life is also known as Tears of Roses (English), Dumou3 Al Ward (Arabic), Gor’kaq zhiuzni (Russian), Jeta e hidhur (Albanian).

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 59

Aci Hayat is a tragic love story of Mehmet and Nermin. Will revenge fill the emptiness in Mehmet’s heart?

4. Ezel

Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
Episodes: 71
Broadcast Network: ATV, Show TV

Ezel is a story about one boy Omer who becomes a rich man skilled at gambling, reading people’s mind and fighting after the betrayal of his trusted friends and the woman he loves. Will anyone recognise that Ezel is actually Omer in disguise?

3. Love and Punishment (Ask ve Ceza)

Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: ATV

Interesting love story between Savas and Yasmin, full with secrets.

2. Silver (Gumus)

Also known as: Noor (Arabic), Perla (Bulgarian), Lubire de Argint (Romanian), Dashuri e Vertet (Albanian).

Genre: Romance
Episodes: 100
Broadcast Network: Kanal D

After the apparent death of his girlfriend, Mehmet Sadoglu is encouraged by his parents to marry Gümüs, a simple girl

1. Time Passes (Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki)

Genre: Drama, Family
Episodes: 80
Broadcast Network: Kanal D

Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki is set in the 1960s and revolves around the Akarsu family. Ali Akarsu is the patriarch of the family and he works as a seaman and the captain of a ship. He is married to Cemile and they have 4 children – Berrin, Aylin and Mete who are high school students and 5 year old Osman. When Ali goes on one of his trips, he has an affair with Carolin which begins the disintegration of the Akarsu family.

Top 5 Turkish Series including Ezel, Gumus and more

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