Top 5 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Blog

We all know that Google have changed a lot of things related to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it has become very much difficult to get your web page ranked higher in search engines and if you love to use Black Hat SEO consider yourself as banned. Getting QUALITY links is one of the most important things to every webmaster and a major element of SEO sucess. Writing Quality content can make people build backlinks for you, but till then follow my best ways for getting quality backlinks for your blog.

Quality backlinks

Article Directory

This is maybe the best way today to get quality dofollow backlink to you blog. Just submit your article to some of the biggest article directories as:

Micro Blogging

MicroBlogging is an internet based communication service allowing you to write short text and add link. Thats mean you can promote your Blog with backlink and that will drive traffic to your new articles, as simple as that. So, start your microblog today because is a very popular tool when it is used as a part of your social marketing campaign for your business.

Short list of free and quality Micro Blogging sites:

Social Bookmarking

This is the easy way to get backlink, just submit a title, description and tags – that is 1 backlink to your site. Social Bookmarking sites can help you to increase social signals, making your content easier to share and ofcourse driving traffic.

Quality Social bookmarking sites:

Video Posting

Video promotion of any blog or product is a good start of any marketers to improve their SEO. Prepare your unique video and upload it to the biggest video sharing sites. Don’t forget to optimize it with title, description, tags and also add link to description of the video.

Quality Video Sharing sites:

Social Networking

The popularity of social networking sites on the Internet is getting bigger and bigger and also give us opportunity in the field of search engine optimization strategy. It is very simple and everyone can do it. Go to Social Network site sign up and you are done – you have a link from social networking site pointing to your blog.

Free and Quality Social Networking sites:

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