Top 5 Weird Barbie Dolls

As we allready know the first Barbie doll in the world was presented in 1959, and since then she become a role model for the young girls and real cultural phenomenon. Barbie in all her incarnations is still one of the most popular and beloved toys in the world. Over these five decades of Barbie, beside the clasics were released thousands of weird Barbie dolls. Take a look at this Top 5 list of the most unusual and weird Barbie dolls in the world. They are everything but a good role model for your kids!

Pregnant Barbie

barbie dolls

The pregnant Barbie doll is probably the most bizzare and weird Barbie ever! The pregnant Barbie created by Matel, has a magnetic belly with a little plastic baby inside. So when little girls think it’s time for Midge to deliver, they just have to pull the baby out.

Fat Barbie


One more weird Barbie is the fat Barbie which was created for an ad for the Active Life Movement. They used iconic kids toys to get their tagline out to parents to: “Keep obesity away from your child”.

Wheelchair Barbie


In 1997, Matel created Barbie’s friend Becky who was wheelchair bound. But that was a good idea until one day a teenager with cerebral palsy said that Becky and her wheelchair did not fit into Barbie’s Dream House.

Working Mother Barbie

working mother barbie

Turleen is pregnant and a hard working mother, who smokes 10 packs a day and is looking miserable. With seven children and one on the way, she recently won the Mother of the year award. Just push her belly button and this trashy Barbie will share with you some “pearls of wisdom” with style that makes her family proud.

Turleen: “..Pour me a double, I’m drinking for two…”

Oreo Barbie

oreo barbie

The Oreo Barbie, created in 1997 by Matel, caused a lot of controversy in the African-American community. The name Oreo is insinuating that the doll is like the eponymous cookie: “black on the outside, white on the inside”. Very soon these Barbie dolls were pulled from shelves.



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