Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

YouTube is full of beauty and fashion tutorials with increasing amount of subscribers and views. Real talented girls upload videos and share their tips and tricks with the whole world. So, if you don’t know how to French braid your hair or how to achieve smokey eyes, just search on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos that will teach you. Here are our Top 5 most popular YouTube beauty gurus you should watch and follow.

youtube beauty gurus

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is probably the most popular and loved YouTube makeup guru with currently 2,287,506 subscribers and over 657 milion views. She is popular for her amazing tutorials where she shares her beauty advices. Michelle was the first woman who reached 1 milion subscribers on YouTube. She is also the spokesperson for Lancome.


Nee started posting videos in 2009 and since then became very popular because of her stunning and easy hair tutorials. This talented girl has 569,948 subscribers and over 97 milion views. Not only hair tutorials, but she also posts makeup and fashion videos.

Annie Jaffrey

This young lady shares all her beauty secrets on YouTube, where she currently has 76,164 subscribers and over 2 milion total views on her videos. Her easy to follow makeup, hair and fashion tutorials and her gorgeous personality made her a YouTube star. She says that her favorite beauty trick is healthy food and a lot of water.

Andreas Choice

Andrea Danielle Brooks is beautiful, talented and charming YouTube beauty guru. Her channel AndreasChoice currently has 888,328 subscribers and over 81 milion views. Andrea began posting beauty tutorials in 2008 and since than has uploaded over 150 videos. She is a big animal lover and vegeterian, and recently launched her own vegan nail polish collection called Circus By AndreasChoice.


Imogen is the gorgeous hair guru behind the YouTube channel FoxyLocksExtensions. Her tutorials will teach you how to create every possible hairstyle, quick and easy. Imogen began posting videos in 2009, and has 270,995 subscribers and over 62 milion views.


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