Top 5 Places To Shop For Jewelry In New York

New York will always be one of the top shopping destinations in the world. After all, it always has something to offer everybody. Whether you’re visiting New York to catch a quick glimpse of Times Square or shopping for a diamond engagement ring, the city that never sleeps will always be a haven for travelers and jewelry shoppers.

New York is definitely home to some of the world’s best jewelry shops. And if you’re searching for a one of a kind jewelry piece then New York’s jewelry shops are the place to be. There are certainly a lot of shopping destinations that could give could give any shopper the jewelry piece they’ve been searching for. But to help you make the search even faster, here are some of the city’s best places to hunt for jewelry.   

Shop for Jewelry in New York


Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

Located on 5th Avenue, Midtown East, Tiffany will always be synonymous to high-end jewelry. One of the most iconic brands in high-fashion jewelry and luxury items; Tiffany is considered as a must see destination for jewelry lovers. Tiffany & Co. are best known for their diamonds especially their diamond engagement rings. Other luxury items that could be found in the store are fragrances, personal accessories, silverware and China to name a few.

Pippin Home

Pippin Home

Pippin Home is a specialty shop that houses an extensive collection of vintage jewelry, antique furniture, charm necklaces and collectibles. Nestled behind the towering buildings, Pippin Home is located on West 17th Street, Chelsea. Antique and bargain wholesale silver jewelry hunters will find this to be a perfect place to find some of the best vintage jewelry collections in the city. 

There is always a bargain to be found in every corner. Anything from silverwares, pearls, vintage jewelry and even old furniture could be found nestling in the shop. Pearls, fine and vintage jewelries are conveniently displayed in shelves for easy viewing.

Doyle & Doyle

Doyle & Doyle

This jewelry store provides an ensemble of the latest jewelry styles from different time periods. It sells a collection of inexpensive and wide selection of jewelry pieces. Jewelry styles include vintage and antique pieces. Great customer service and courteous staff makes jewelry shopping a pleasant experience. 

Cog & Pearl

This shop is definitely hard to miss, with its green and purple color on the outside. Cog & Pearl mainly sells jewelry but also sells a collection of home decorations. It is an excellent place for finding one of a kind jewelry pieces from local artists. Traditional and silver jewelry for example could easily be found at bargain prices.

Random Accessories

This quaint and charming shop is could be found at East 4th Street in East Village. People searching for great jewelry pieces at bargain prices would find Random Accessories to be a perfect place for bargain hunting. It also has wide selection of sterling silver jewelry and gifts for any occasion.

The shop has a great selection of gift items for birthdays, weddings and babies. Random Accessories sells novelty gifts, traditional jewelry and a myriad of fashion accessories. A friendly atmosphere and jewelry pieces at rock-bottom prices will sure be a welcome for jewelry hunters visiting the city.

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